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bree had a question for Would you add a restaurant to your page please? Typhoon Sushi Bar & Lounge. 5610 Richmond @ Chiney Rock. Houston, TX 77057. 832.242.2765. Thank You.

mojo214 tells us about a good one: The Sushi Den in Denver, CO is excellent. I live on the east coast and I make it a point to go there whenever I'm in town which is several times a year. I have never been disappointed.

hsshop11 lets us know about another texas place: Hi, I looked at your list of sushi restaurants (I live in Dallas) and I noticed no one mentioned Sushi Ichiban, probably the best sushi place in Dallas! It's off Greenville, just south of 635. It really is a great place!

a faraway suggestion from thomas: Isakaya, the sushi bar in Zurich.

gsuesq comments: You are a great resource when traveling. Here are some other suggestions: Chinoise, 610 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA (206) 254-0413 - across the street from the Mariners and Seahawks stadium; Sushi Groove South, 1516 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, (415) 503-1950; and, Sushi Yoshida, 2026 Huntington Drive, San Marino, CA (626) 281-9292 - at Sushi Yoshida, try the "instant frozen sake."

gsuesq has a few more great ones: I did not see the following on your list for the Los Angeles area, you may like to add them. I visit them often. Shinano. 1106 South Atlantic Boulevard. Monterey Park, CA 91754. (323) 283-0026. Kayo. 816 South Atlantic Boulevard. Monterey Park, CA 91754. (626) 282-7525. and Sushi Roku. 33 Miller Alley. Pasadena, CA 91103. (626) 256-4348

philip was in slc: Hi Guys! Found an incredible place in... wait for it... Salt Lake City! Ichiban is the name, run by an American lady who trained in Japan. Had an amazing selection, including the freshest Aji I have ever had. Located in a restored Methodist Church. Check it out...

sfostan told us about this one in los angeles: R-23. Hard-to-find neighborhood gem known for extraordinary sushi and creative cooked specialties. Minimalist dining room. 923 E. 2nd. St., Los Angeles. (213-687-7178).

winston has an amsterdam sushibar: We are a new restaurant, TokyoCafe on the Spui-square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We serve Japanese cuisine and drinks. Japanese Cuisine: sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, kushi (BBQ-skewers), ageba (tempura) Drinks: Japanese and other popular cocktails, hot and cold sake. We have over 200 seatings, terrace, grand cafe, sushi bar and teppanyaki.

fatsimon moved away from a florida favorite: We recently moved to Tennessee from Sarasota, Florida and we have yet to find a replacement for our favorite Sushi bar --- Saga!! Not only would they put up with our sake bombs every weekend- they would ALWAYS serve us the most fresh and delicious sushi! We would go out in Tampa and Ybor City but our heart and taste buds belong at this little place in Sarasota!!! Anyone visiting plllleeeease take my advice and check them out- you definitely will not be disappointed! The atmosphere is quaint and relaxing and they always have delicious specials. If in the vicinity you really need to try them!

an indiana suggestion from ccgunther: Kokoro in Lafayette, Indiana. One of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Tony's sushi and Asian dishes are superb. I've had his "spicy salmon" sushi rolls, with an extremely delicious sauce, and his kentucky-maki is a fun twist with chicken tempura and teriyaki sauce. All of the sushi rolls are usually 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide, they stay together, and are the most delicious and artful things you will ever eat in your life. I love the Indian Curry Beef Fried Rice also... an astounding fusion of cultures and flavors! If you're within a one day drive of Lafayette, it would be worth the trip to come to town just to eat at Kokoro.... but walk down historic Main Street while you're in town... there are lots of quaint shops!

baked mussels in denver from kfstratton: You should probably add Namiko's, 7310 W 52nd Ave., Arvada, CO, 80002-3725 to your Denver sushi list. They have a great baked mussel and their spicy tuna is something I love!

jonathan had some really fresh scallops: The two places I have had the best sushi in my opinion are rather difficult to reach. The first was a small place in Matsue, Chugoku Region, Japan. Matsue is a fishing town right on the sea of Japan. The restaurant was on a wharf and I think they must have been pulling the fish right out of the water. The second place was scuba diving at 70 feet off of Catalina Island. My dive buddy waved me over, pulled up a shell, cleaned it out and exposed some scallops. He had me take my regulator out and stuffed a scallop in my mouth. You cannot get any fresher than that.

a freaky note from chilifreak: The Best sushi I have ever had, in Canada and the US, has to be Oka Sushi in The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Alberta. Master Oka, is simply one of the greatest!

an anonymous note for manhattan: comments: Manhattan updates: La Maison Japonaise is closed. Jewel Bako should be added. 239 E. 5th St. (East Village). Between Second and Third Aves. 212-979-1012

heather moved and misses these sushibars in southern california: The two places I liked around Aliso Viejo were Kitayama in Irvine, not far from UCI and John Wayne Airport, and Sushi Imagine in Laguna Hills. Sushi Imagine is good and the prices aren't bad. They also have a little website;

mike had some fantastic sushi in cupertino: Some of the best sushi in California is served in the employee's cafeteria at Apple Computer!

blackirish77 has a few favorites: You have to put Yama (Vienna, VA) on your list! Best sushi I've ever eaten! And Raku (Dupont Circle, Washington, DC) also has really good sushi.

joojoobears has a good one for us: New sushi bar just opened in Stuart, FL called: Bangkok Bay Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar located at 1833 S. Federal Hwy. (US 1) in Stuart, FL (Midtown Plaza).

ho_tracy found something fun in austin: I found a great restaurant in Austin. That is a China restaurant which is SUZI'S CHINA GRILL. They just opened a sushibar a few months ago. Suzi's China Grill has a webpage. You can click "North", because North Suzi's has the new sushibar. 7858 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78757

Suzi's China Grill North Suzi's China Grill


sushi information from scotland from lolita: In Glasgow, Scotland things are pretty sparse. One is called Oko and is, I'd say, the best in Glasgow for a variety of sushi that can be made to order. It's one of those restaurants that has a belt of dishes that rotate around the bar and tables. On Sundays and Wednesdays they have a one hour all you can eat special that is pretty good. Another restaurant is Ichiban, which is more of a Japanese food restaurant than a sushi restaurant. Their sushi selection is fairly sparse - no sashimi, no special order - just straight nigiri and maki in octopus, shrimp, red tuna, salmon, and egg.

a short md note from d1hamby: Gah-Rham Restaurant in Beltsville, Maryland, is the best in the area. The webpage is

delicious sushi note for florida from john123472: Kaito Japanese Restaurant. 3181 NW Federal HWY. Jensen Beach, Florida. So good, the best sushi I've ever had in Florida.

a blue sushi note from djuranek2002: Blue is awesome! I have been to Blue, a great new sushi restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska. Once in the evening and once for lunch, both times the food was excellent and the design of the place, especially the bathrooms, are worth seeing. They are suppose to have a website running soon.

joelsgrill tells us about: Joel's Grill & Sushi. 101 Depot St. Davidson, NC 28036. tel. (704) 896-6739

a yummy sushi suggestion from GodOfAllGods420: Best sushi bar ever...Matsu Sushi, 33 Jesup Rd, Westport, CT 06880. (203)-341-9662

sabra really really enjoys this place: For anyone who loves sushi and a real party atmosphere, this place tops the charts. These guys have the most creative, high-energy set up I've ever seen at a restaurant. For years, I've been going to this sushi bar in North Hollywood called Tokyo Delve's on Lankershim Blvd. They also have a location in Marina Del Rey. Lots of bands frequent there. BEST time I've EVER had at any restaurant. If you're in the Los Angeles area and want to have a rockin' good time, make new friends, and eat great sushi- check out Tokyo Delve's, it's an experience you'll never forget. Bring a camera and a designated driver. Unless you're a total yawn, you'll feel like partying.
The second the door opens and you walk in to the place, you've entered a RAGING party. Great eclectic rock music played loud (the only way to play it ). There are about four or five sushi chefs behind the bar shouting "come on in!" The sushi tastes fantastic and is a work of art. For instance, they'll put cucumber stalks as rabbit ears on their Bunny rolls. On some occasions, they have these great sake shakers that come in several flavors like peach, strawberry or melon. They used to serve them in the goblet-sized glasses, but stopped doing that. I imagine because people were getting pretty annihilated. I remember getting half way through one and feeling a pretty good buzz going, so I'd have to slow down. Now they serve them in shot glasses. They're very addictive. They have great happy hour drink and sushi specials early in the evening, so be sure to check that out.
Lucky Lamp: at 7:00pm, 9:00pm and 11:00pm is when they start something called "Lucky Lamp," the music starts- usually Kool & The Gang's "Let's Go Dancing." Everyone jumps up on their chairs and starts dancing, the waiters and sushi chefs along with them. The place is lit up with Christmas lights on a series circuit. Each light corresponds to a seat in the restaurant. The light above everyone's head will flicker on for a second and will continue on around the restaurant over each person. When the light finally stops over a person's head, they have a winner. That person's food (drinks not included) ordered that evening -up until the Lucky Lamp is free. Very cool. They have this Wheel Of Fortune deal happening behind the sushi bar also. One spin for every $50.00 on your bill gives you a chance to win free food coupons, good for your next visit or a free T-Shirt or bandana (tax and tips not included). Their website address is: They book parties pretty much every night. I spend every New Years there and have an awesome time. I highly recommend calling ahead and making reservations at least a week or two in advance, as they're usually completely booked. Tell them Sabra sent you (who knows, they might buy me a beer the next time I'm there -can't hurt!)
Address: 5239 Lankershim Blvd. N. Hollywood, CA 91601, Phone: (818) 766-3868. Hours: Open 6pm 'til Midnight Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays.

Tokyo Delve'sTokyo Delve's

somisushi4u has sent a recommendation: You want to know about my favorite sushi-bar? It's called Yama Sushi, in Camarillo, CA.

shirley enjoys this one in florida: We have a favorite sushi bar in our area on South Beach. There are tons of sushi places in Miami but this is by far the best. We keep going back there and they have very unique rolls and by far the freshest sashimi. The name is Sushi Rock Cafe 1351 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, Fl. 33139 Phone is 305-532-2133. Sunny is the owner and it is great. We go there once a week.

a note from sushi101: Sushi 101. 920 E. University Dr. #D-101. Tempe, AZ 85281. (480) 317-0101. email:

Sushi 101 Tempe Sushi 101

lisa wants us to visit: Here is the information about our sushibar: Mia Sushi Bar & Grille. 220 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI 02903. We offer a full sushi menu and an italian menu also for the non-sushi eater. Thanks for putting us on your site.

kevbojr checked out a sushibar in southern california: Thank you for the info on the boat sushi. The name of the place is Sushi Wok, it is located in Laguna Hills (Orange County) off the 5 fwy @ El Toro Rd. When I went it was not very busy, so there was not too much floating around (we mostly had to order specific items). The sushi is pretty good, I'd say slightly above average. The restaurant is fairly large, with a section for general dining as well as an express take-out next door. The appearance is fairly simple and well lit. There are 2 TVs in the boat float area as well. Pricing is a bit on the higher side compared to the A Float Sushi in Pasadena. Regular tuna or salmon sushi is $3.39 for 2 pcs, compared to the A Float which sells the tuna or salmon sushi for $2.60 for 2 pcs. Another good place you may want to know about is "O" Sushi in downtown Brea off of Birch street close to the Brea mall (57 fwy @ Imperial Hwy). They have $2.00 sushi on Mondays and all you can eat Sushi ($20.00) on Wednesdays.

suggestion from mneuhau: there's a great sushi place in raleigh, nc. it is called 'sushi blues' and it has GREAT sushi (better than any restaurant in new york).

a washington d.c. suggestion from patrick on the message board: Here's a short list of places I like: 1. Spices - sushi bar/Japanese cuisine. It's on Connecticut Ave. near the Cleveland Park Metro. Very good sushi, decently priced, decent portions. 2. Nam Viet - It's Vietnamese, but it is so good. Same place as Spices (it's a strip of restaurants and bars). Very, very good. 3. Sushi-Ko - Sushi bar. It's on Wisconsin Ave. in Glover Park, just north of Georgetown. Very, very good sushi, a little pricier than Spices.

willamette456 has a special place in chicago: While living in Chicago I used to dine at Akai Hana on North State Street. They have a "spicy sauce" that I think uses a base of mayonnaise.

atl1016 notes from atl: I like this Miyako Sushibar in Midtown Atlanta. Great sushi and teriyaki. Serve high-end Jizake too. Check them out. 620 Peachtree St. 404-881-1920.

a short note from superkian: one of the best in copenhagen is...

ana has a florida tip: Japanese Village on Las Olas Blvd. in Ft.Lauderdale is a wonderful sushi restaurant with very fresh and great quality fish. Kanpai!

canada suggestion from natjudcom: I love sushi so it's hard for me to choose my favorite place. However as far as the quality of Sushi goes, my top pick in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is Zen 8, in the penny lane district of downtown. Their chefs have come direct from Tokyo (that's what they say anyway), they have a wonderful decor and ambiance, and the have delicious drinks called Saketinis, like flavored martinis made with Sake. Anyway, the quality of the fish is wonderful, so delicious, and my favorite part is how freaking huge the pieces of sushi are. You can have four pieces and be satisfied (maybe 6 if you are a guy). Just wanted to let people in Calgary or visiting Calgary know, so they can check it out.

ashleyandben has some nice words and a tip for new orleans: Love your site and will come back often to learn more about sushi. My wife and I are novices but usually eat sushi once a week here in New Orleans. Our favorite place is Tokyo Bistro (used to be Little Tokyo on St. Charles Ave) because their rolls are HUGE and the value is exceptional: 24 pieces with soup/salad/red bean ice cream desert for under $20...can't be beat. Yes, there's some better sushi in NOLA, but we're both students.

a0007252 has a tip for japan: I want to introduce you to a great sushi-bar in Japan. It's located in Zama-shi Kanagawa-ken, named OSE-sushi. Owner's name is SHIN who serves delicious, beautiful and real japanese sushi. I really recommend that sushibar when you visit beautiful JAPAN. Thank you.

info has a job in south lake tahoe: I work at Sato's Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in South Lake Tahoe, California. 3436 Lake Tahoe Blvd. 530-544-0774. AYCE sushi including ALL rolls and nigiri: $21.95 for dinner and $18.95 for lunch. Discounts for kids. Not the fanciest sushibar, but good quality for the price with great tempuras and teriyakis. Bar was remodeled last year with stone counter and better lighting. Restaurant has been here for over 20 years!

popexxiii has an mi note: Alpine Teriyaki & Sushi. 4089 Alpine NW, Comstock Park, MI 49321. (just outside of Grand Rapids).

c.christy recommends one for southern california: My favorite nice little sushi place is in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. KEN'S JAPANESE RESTAURANT. It's clean, quiet, and best of all REALLY GOOD... Try the Sashimi Bowl. Haven't had anything like it anywhere. It's kinda pricey, but definitely worth it.

mcostello wants us to know about koto: New restaurant. Koto, Lebanon NH. 603 298-2925. Been there many times since its opening... FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!

jwatson reports on a new place in il: The place is called ICHIRO, it is located at 15866 S. La Grange Rd. in Orland Park, IL. Ph. 708-364-1251. I can't say enough good about this place. Right from the time we walked through the door everyone was very friendly, the service and food throughout the whole evening was wonderful. We spent two hours dining with them, ordering mostly sushi and trying several rolls. The flavor of everything we tried was excellent. The portions were large compared to other sushi establishments we have been to. They also have steak and other cooked seafood, so it is a good place to take someone who hasn't experienced sushi yet. Highly recommended.

kernelflag gives a good tip for az: Please add Tokyo Lobby in Glendale, Arizona. Truly a gourmet experience. High class and friendly. Salmon nigiri is awesome!

su-ta- has sent a note from japan: Hello, there is a sushi shop in Tokyo and the name is Taturo. The kitchen has two 24 hour cameras -- please access...

sushi sends a note for minneapolis: I found a couple of interesting reviews of Sushi restaurants in Minneapolis:

hblivn found a nice all-you-can-eat: Had dinner at Chomp in Fullerton, CA. Went during Thursday night happy hour. Menu selection was great for the $20 all-you-can-eat. Most sushi, hand and cut rolls were available. Great sushi. Nice atmosphere. Great band (Echo Love Chamber). I recommend it !!!

a_learned comments: The sushi bar at the Fish Market in Phoenix, Arizona on Camelback has the best sushi chefs in Phoenix along with the freshest fish!!!

dwsmall enjoyed this one in pa: We wanted to tell you of a great sushi restaurant. We have been to a lot of places all over the country and this beats them all. Sushikazu Japanese Restaurant. 920 Dekalb Pike (Corner of Rt. 73 and 202). Blue Bell, PA 19422. tel. 610-272-7767

bentoexpress sends a note and some nice words: We have a Japanese restaurant in Kailua-Kono on the Big Island-Hawaii. We are expanding and are looking for ideas for a nice sushi bar. Any help is appreciated. I enjoy your website; it has a nice clean look and lots of info. By-the-way, we were honored to have been voted "best sushi on the Big Island" by the readers of our local newspaper, West Hawaii Today. Wasabi's Japanese Cuisine. Coconut Grove Marketplace. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. 808 326-2352.

phild99 is happy in seattle: Koi Bistro is opening soon in Seattle!

shawn has a suggestion for rutland, va: I couldn't find a website for the Tokyo House. I did come across a couple newspaper articles in the local daily from when the bar first opened. Here are the links.

We just ate there Saturday night and it was fantastic as usual.

sprotto comments: New restaurant in New Haven, CT!! Very modern & classy. MISO 15 Orange, New Haven, CT.

martinez2k gives a suggestion for penasquitos: A new Sushi Bar named "Sushi USA" opened in Penasquitos, San Diego. Owner is Hui Choe, formerly of "Meiki's" in Scripp's Ranch. This place is located at 12865 Rancho Penasquitos Blvd. next to the i-HOP and Mobil station off the Rancho Penasquitos Blvd. exit off of I-15. The phone number is (858) 484-3600. This place is by far the best in value in San Diego (in my humble opinion), the quality of the sushi and friendly service says it all.

a new sushibar note from tallisma: Thanks for the information on, it was very helpful. The following is information on our new sushibar: BLUE - sushi sake grill. 14450 Eagle Run Drive, Omaha, Nebraska 68116. (402)445-BLUE. I also included a computer rendering that I did of my restaurant.



brad has a note: Sato Restaurant in Waltham, Ma., has been called the best sushi secret in New England, in the latest edition of the Boston Globe. We do a high turnover of fish assuring that our sushi in always fresh. We are located right off RT. 128 at exit 27B in Waltham. Sato Restaurant. 475 Winter St. Waltham MA, 02451. 781-890-0089.

mattmakk has a yummy tip: Please post a link to Yoko's Japanese Restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida. Wonderful sushi, bento, chirashi bento, house made soy sauce, house smoked fish. Hiro-San is the best sushi chef I have ever had the pleasure of dining with. Arigato.

sushibully likes hinode in il: I have been a fan of Sakura in Rolling Meadows, IL but I have stopped going after I found this new Sushi Bar that opened up a little over a year ago in Palatine, IL. It is called Hinode. It is at 710 W. Euclid ave. (847) 221-5100. The Golden Lobster is to die for and the Sashimi Deluxe is put together with class. They are open 7 days a week and just started an All-You-Can-Eat menu. Enjoy

sara.k.jack has an okc tip: There is a new restaurant in Oklahoma City on the canal in Bricktown called Lotus. It is the best sushi that one can find in a landlocked state and our sushi chef is famous in many areas of the U.S. The Bricktown Roll is one of the restaurant specialties, it consists of sticky rice, nori, crawfish and BBQ eel. This restaurant is worth anyone's time to check out. I am sure no one will be disappointed.

wang.chung sends another tip: Sushi-food, Hoogstraat 35, 8000 Brugge, Belgium. phone & fax : 050-33 61 21. Same concept as the one in Ghent, mainly a takeaway sushibar.

kbergsma comments: SUSHI GARDEN. 15 North Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711. 520-326-4700. Cleaner than Takamatsu, which we love, fresher product [I think], slightly less expensive on many items, and bigger pieces. We make it there at least once whenever we visit from Michigan.

a link and a compliment from billzim: Hello, I enjoyed visiting some of the sites linked from I'd like to share another sushi site I use that is specific to sushi in the Seattle area-- cheers, BZ.

a nice note from jchoe: Hello. I have visited Cafe Misono, in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and it was fantastic. Everything was perfect. The size of the rice and fish for the nigiri, the maki combinations. Great service as well.

jim has sent in a good one: Shiki in Smithtown, NY, a small town about halfway up Long Island. Hole in the wall, but with Zagat Honors. Nice Price too. Shiki Japanese Restaurant. 97 E. Main Street. Smithtown, NY 11787, (516) 366-3495.

one very short note from laffert: Hamburg, Germany

tvdbc likes these in ill: Chicago is home to several truly top notch sushi restaurants, notably Mirai, Sushi Wabi and Heat. A truly underrated sushi restaurant exists in the western suburbs that is nearly the equal of these gems. It is called Nagano, and is located in Lombard, Illinois. The sushi is always as fresh as can be, the owners Bob and Naomi (their American names) are gracious and friendly, and it is a great place to taste the wonderful fatty tuna, toro. Nagano has this delicious tuna very frequently, and it is among the finest in quality that I have ever tasted.

tommys has a nice suggestion for california: Pearl Dragon Sushi in Pacific Palisades, California. 15229 Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. 310.459.9790

76501 sent this in: Sushi-Sake at 220 W. Campbell in Richardson, TX (north of Dallas) is one of the very best.

aai has a correction for our list: Siki Restaurant in Lee's Summit, MO. The name is Siki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, they no longer have Chinese food.

a sushi tip for israel from tal.kaplan: There is a great sushi bar in Herzlia, Israel, about 10 km.from Tel-Aviv, called Kyoto. The food is always fresh, and in my opinion, it is one of the best places in Israel. Kyoto- 7 Shenkar St. Herzlia, Israel.

yummy florida sushi note from cutiebch: Ninja Japanese Steak Bar & Sushi Restaurant in Coral Springs Florida...On the Corner of Royal Palm Blvd. & University Drive. 954-796-9810.

a belgium sushi note from wang.chung: Sushi-food, Limburgstraat 36, 9000 Ghent, Belgium. Tel. 09-225 25 06. Fax. 09-234 25 70. Self-service sushibar.

cactus_jo likes these in ga: Magic Fingers Sushi Bar is located on E. Ponce De Leon in Atlanta, Georgia. They were the best, the freshest, in a beautifully seductive eastern atmosphere. My best friend and I dropped in for the first time this month and we've experienced no place since that can compare. Yoshino's in Duluth off Hwy 141, also known as Peachtree Parkway, at Abbott's Bridge Rd. (Duluth, Georgia) wins another AAA+ for their unique rolls displayed in their vast and beautifully pictured illustrated menu. Can't be beat for the price and atmosphere. Service is also prize winning. Take me away!

a quick note from glenn:

the manager of ichibanstlouis has some info for us: Hi, I am a manager of Ichiban Japanese Restaurant in St. Louis, MO. We've been open for 6 months and we are posting our name on the internet. Here is our information: -12388 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur MO 63141.(314) 579 - 6002. FAX (314) 579 - 6045

Ichiban Ichiban Ichiban


phreak has sent in a note about sushi in ohio: Akira is a great sushi restaurant in West Chester, OH, a Cincinnati suburb. I've tried many around town, and it's still the best I've found!

sushi suggestion in the netherlands from jaapverbeek: A very good Japanese restaurant in Rotterdam (Netherlands) is, Oyama - Oosterkade 5. Rotterdam (next to Tropicana). Phone 010 - 414 19 11. It features a "conveyor belt" sushi bar.

wasabi8 tells about a place in california: Add Wasabi Sushi Bar & Grill, 8031 Greenback Lane. Citrus Heights, California 95610. Tel. 729-2121 Fax. 729-6683.

willshatter1 has sent in a list and a comment: My top 5: 1. Morimoto -Philadelphia, PA - 2. Hana - Venice Beach, CA - 3. Blue Ribbon - New York, NY - 4. The Hump at Santa Monica Airport, CA - 5. one word... TSUKIJI! - And I would have to say my favorite place is where I work.... Samuel's and Son Seafood in Philadelphia... We are the largest seafood distributor in Philadelphia. I have the pleasure to be quite good friends with our specialty tuna cutters. Nothing like prime Toro for breakfast.. or lunch.. or, well you get the picture.....

colorado sushi suggestion from IMWOOD: East by Southwest. 160 East College Dr., Durango, CO 81301. 970-247-5533. Sergio and Hydi Verduzco- Owners. Was there Labor Day weekend. Was wonderful and very professional. I wish it wasn't 350 miles away from where I live.

a new way to have sushi from shoshi: Mikuni Japanese Restaurant has a called sushi-bus. What it is is a sushibar on the wheels. You can take your favorite sushi chef anywhere you want to. This is definitely one-of-a-kind in the world. TV people often brought up this story. Of course their sushi is the best in CA. Average consumption of fish is ONE ton a week for two locations in Sacramento, Ca. That is how they busy they are.

ted has a suggestion and a couple of recommendations: You need to add links for Buffalo!! The two best here are Osaka Sushi Bar and Grille, 3112 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214. 716-297-0443 and Kuni's Sushi Bar, 752 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, 716-881-6819.

a michigan sushi note from robertshirosanders: Sushi Come (odd name, very good sushi) Downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan by the main branch of Michigan Book and Supply.

michelle found a place with good rolls: Sushi-Ya in Roseville, California is my favorite sushi bar because of their individuality. They have created many of their own rolls and are more than generous with their portions. My favorite is the Warren Roll. The "Warren Roll" ($12.95) Deep-fried long roll filled with white fish, eel, snow crab, spicy tuna and cucumber. On top of the roll is sea steak, hamachi, tobiko and onion. It's a rare occasion that I find a piece that can fit into my mouth in one bite. These are HUGE. Two different types of sauces make a pretty pattern on the side of the plate next to the roll. There's also "Sam's Rainbow" ($14.95) Deep-fried soft shell crab, spicy tuna, avocado. On top are salmon, albacore, tuna, shrimp, hamachi, eel, tobiko and onion. "Joan" ($8.95) Deep-fried white fish and eel. On top are scallops, avocado, green onion and tobiko. "Ron" ($10.95) Soy bean wrapped deep fried lobster, snow crab. On top are shrimp, avocado and tobiko. "Spider Web" ($9.95) Soy bean wrapped deep-fried soft shell crab, eel, spicy daikon. On top are green onion and tobiko. Not everything there is deep fried, but it seems to me that they get more creative with the rolls that are.

a sushi tip for the east coast from 72027.3605: I'm amazed that you left out: Haya's Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. 93 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT 06511. It's been a New Haven institution for at least 8 years!

happy info from terry of novi: If you are ever in Novi, Michigan and crave the best sushi around, not to mention the best prices around, check out Happy Sushi. They are located at 10 Mile and Meadowbrook. As soon as you walk through the door, Kevin, the owner and head sushi chef, will convince you that the best sushi is found at Happy Sushi! Make sure that you get the Alaskan Pipe Roll! It is the best!

yummy sushi in texas from rinerpanda: My family's favorite sushi is at Genroku in Richardson, TX. They are on Greenville Ave between Beltline and Arapaho. Absolutely the best food around! Prices are great too!

paul has a request and a link: please link my website to yours. Thanks.

amy has a favorite in ct: Little Tokyo.131 State Street. New London, CT. (860) 447-2388. AWESOME - AND I AM VERY PICKY!!! Offering 58 choices for sushi. Lunch from 11am to 3pm and dinner from 4pm to 10pm during the week. On weekends the restaurant is only open for dinner from 4pm to 10:30pm.

md sushi from fred.cimo: Japan House. 984 Beards Hill Road, Aberdeen, MD 21001. (410) 575-7878. (410) 272-7878. Sushi Bar - Teppanyaki Grill - Variety of beverages at well stocked bar - Excellent Chefs and Servers - Reasonable Prices - THE FOOD IS GREAT!

hris enjoys this restaurant in idaho: Momiji in Post Falls, Idaho is a great, authentic Japanese restaurant, complete with sushibar and teppanyaki. In a place that isn't exactly known for its international cuisine, Momiji fills a big hole and could hold its own anywhere.

great suggestion from rwguy: My favorite sushi restaurant is in South Dayton Ohio. It is the Kai Sushi Cafe. 108 Byers Rd., just West of I-75 at exit 44. Owner Jin Kim is a very gracious host, and his sushi Chefs are very creative. Ask for "seared tuna" and you will know why this is my favorite. This is the second place of only two that I was fortunate enough to get Bluefin Tuna. Beer and wine are served also, and the waiter, Erik, has even helped me with my web page! Momoko and Gina always remember me too. Phone 937 859 6011.

spencerlo has a nice suggestion: I would like to add a sushibar to your list. I personally believe that this is the best sushibar in the South Bay. It has received 4 stars from the Mercury News and is frequented by a majority of Japanese locals and out-of-towners. Here's the information: Kitsho, 19541 Richwood Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014. Phone: (408) 873-1444

mal comments about chomp: Great new sushi at CHOMP in Fullerton, CA! They just opened August 2002. Great staff, very good sushi chef.

amy lets us know about punta gorda: For the best Japanese food and sushi in Southwest Florida, AMIMOTO in Punta Gorda is the place. There are always Japanese people on staff and they use only the finest materials in authentic traditional offerings. The sushi is "World Class". Punta Gorda is located between Sarasota and Ft. Myers.

rwguy has a favorite for detroit: Excellent sushi North East of Detroit is Tokyo Sushi & Seoul BBQ. Susie Chay is the owner and she remembers all her customers. Extremely clean, quiet, and excellent selections. Beer & wine are served, maybe liquor, not sure. NW corner Mound & Hall Road (20 Mile Rd ). 810 997 9582.

nlovell helps us with our sushibar list: You've missed some of the best in Huntsville, Alabama ... Edo Japanese Restaurant - Shogun Steak House - Miwon - Kirin Thai Restaurant.

bob77082 has a tip for us in houston: There are a couple of outstanding sushibars you should add to your listings for HOUSTON, TEXAS. The best has to be Nori (Memorial @ Kirkwood). Incredibly fresh! Wonderful selection of rolls, sushi, and sashimi. Nara (Westheimer @ Wilcrest) is also good. Fresh sushi and EXCELLENT miso. If it's more about the quantity than quality, you might be more in the mood for Todai Buffet (610 @ I-10, in Marq-E complex). Sushi, seafood, and tons of other stuff...also a buffet. These are just a few...but I hope you add them to your list.

mattmakk has a florida suggestion: Yoko Japanese Restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL. is without a doubt the finest sushi bar I have ever eaten at. Hiro-San is Japanese born and trained. All homemade sauces. Special house made soy sauce. Freshest fish and beautiful presentations. Please add him to your list. I am attaching a picture of Hiro-San, and some reviews for the restaurant. Arigato...


Fresh, mouthwatering tastes await diners at Yoko. This is truly a garden of culinary delights. Three Stars -The Palm Beach Post, October, 2000.

Yoko, Authentic Japanese Food & Sushi. A Trip to Japan Without the Airfare. Chef Executive Hiro Kawashima Shines in West Palm. A Definite Four and a Half Star Rating. -Miami by Night Journal, Sept, 1996.

a new york tip from meganhail1975: TO-FU in Farmingville, NY has excellent sushi. It is on the corner of Waverly ave and Horseblock rd. The address is 1260 Waverly Ave Farmingville NY 11738.

a nice recommendation from keiichimatsumura: I recently ate really great sushi at Inaho Restaurant in Yarmouth Port in Cape Cod. It is not on your list.157 Main St./Rte. 6A Yarmouth Port, MA, 02675 (508) 362-5522.

jeanne and gail have a tip for florida: Saikyo is THE BEST sushi restaurant in the Orlando area. Everything is fresh, the people are very friendly and remember their clientele ...It isn't very expensive, the restaurant isn't in a popular place for locals or tourist but, It's WORTH the drive... Wonderful food ..VERY fresh.

JHMc has a sushibar: I am the manager and proprietor of Johnny Chan 2 at Harpers Point and Montgomery in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a nice albeit small sushi bar along with our Chinese Restaurant. We can accommodate large parties in our dining room, seat up to 20 in our sushi bar, and can do carry out or catering. Here is our information: Johnny Chan 2. 11296 Montgomery Road. Cincinnati, Ohio 45249. (513) 489-2388

namasteSR sends us a tip for sacramento: Fresh sushi and sashimi at reasonable prices. Elegant yet warm environment. Alhambra Grill: 1105-7 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento CA 95814. (916) 453-1754

sushi information in canada from wilowood: Great sushi bars: Soto 3527 boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. Soto 500 McGill street, Montreal, Quebec. Soto 1 chemin Kandahar, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec (inside Westin Resort). Soto Express, various locations throughout Montreal. Soto has the best sushi ever! Their webpage is at: and Soto Express (ready-to-go-sushi that is very good as well) is at

zsazsap in NC likes this one: You need to add Raleigh to your North Carolina list. There are a ton of sushi bars there. The Best Sushi in the Triangle, according to spectator and me is, Kanki Japanese House of Steak and Sushi Bar. Everyone else in the area has copied off their sushi menu. Waraji is good too! Check out You gotta get some!!!! I absolutely love Kanki Japanese House of Steak and Sushi Bar. I'm so addicted that I eat there every week. They are located in Raleigh, NC and recently in Durham, NC. Three locations: North Market Shopping Center, Crabtree Valley Mall and Mt. Moriah Road in Durham. Sushi Diva.

a san diego sushi recommendation from michael: There is only one sushi joint in San Diego, and it's Sushi Ota. Located at 4529 Mission Bay Dr., San Diego, CA 92109 (858) 270-5670. Voted best sushi in San Diego. Here is an excerpt from the article: "Unlike many of San Diego's other popular sushi bars, Sushi Ota is not a place to see and be seen. It's simply a place to enjoy some of the best sushi in town. The Scene: This isn't Prospect Street, and it's not the Gaslamp. You'll find Sushi Ota in an unassuming strip mall, next to a 7-11. Check it out next time you're down here.

two more from blkgryffyn: There's a new japanese restaurant called "Sakura" that just had their grand opening. I forgot about them. Sakura Japanese Steak House. 2625 Housley Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 (410) 573-0006. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned this one.. this is another one I found in my research, but since it was Baltimore and I was looking specifically at Annapolis area sushi places, I didn't make full note of it. It seemed to be getting rave reviews for Baltimore though: Kawasaki Japanese Seafood Restaurant 413 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 659-7600.

sushi in chicago from jeff: My favorite sushi restaurant in Chicago is Mirai Sushi. If you're ever in the windy city, I would highly recommend it!

scbonsai likes this one: Inakaya Sushi Bar in Columbia SC is on par with any place I ate in Tokyo last year...and I ate sushi at least once a day! Great food, great service and great decor.

8 from blkgryffyn: You can find Sushi everywhere in the Annapolis, MD area. Every grocery store seems to carry it, but here are three prominent restaurants that feature sushi as a main item: Joss Cafe and Sushi Bar. (Best sushi anywhere near Annapolis) 195 Main Street, Annapolis, MD, 21401. Colorful sashimi, vegetarian, nigiri style displays. Huge variety. -- The Yin Yankee Café. 410-268-8703. 105 Main Street, Annapolis, MD, 21401. Creative seafood and sushi. -- Tsunami. 410-990-9868. 51 West Street, Annapolis, MD, 21401. Soothing atmosphere, wide range of sushi dishes. -- And a few other places that you can get good sushi: Mr. Wang's Hunan. 1957 West Street, Annapolis, MD. 410-224-0551. Late-night sushi bar for midnight snacks! -- Kyoto Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar. Park Plaza. 568-C Gov. Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, MD. 410-647-4500. Extensive sushi menu, served at bar or with hibachi dinner. -- Tokyo Sushi. 60 Mountain Road. Pasadena, MD. 410-768-9336. Intimate family-run operation, friendly and helpful for sushi novices. -- Fresh Fields Whole Foods Market. Annapolis Harbour Center. 2504 Solomon's Island Road, Annapolis, MD. 410-573-1800. Sushi made to order or pre- made (carry out). Sushi-making supplies. -- Giant Food. Festival at Riva. Annapolis, MD (and other locations). 888-469-4426. California rolls at the deli.

a sushi discovery from sdubois: Comments on Dabin, a Korean/Sushi restaurant located on Muzzey Street in Lexington, MA (781-860-0171). We went there on Saturday night for my husband's dinner. Excellent service, pricing and food! The attention to detail was incredible- they even gave my husband a small gift on the way out that night, though I had only mentioned it when making the reservation. Something for everyone...check it out!

lauralyw gives a hot tip for texas: In Dallas, TX, the best Sushi is either at Sushi Rock off 75 (take Parker) or up the road at Shogun's in McKinney. Choe, the chef at Shogun's, is one of the best. Unfortunately for the residents here, he will be heading to El Paso soon to open other sushi restaurants (lucky y'all). Sushi Rock is a little pricey, but the floor show the chefs put on is worth it. Be sure and ask which one can drink tequila through his nose. Nakamoto's, Hanasho's, Sumo Sushi, and the Shogun's in Dennison are okay for a quick fix but, if you get off on Greenville from 635, go one block south and turn left, you will find an Oriental market called Kazy's that is not only cheap (yes, cheap), but also very good. Be sure and get the Hawaiian roll and tip the guys.

a sushi note from gary: has updated pages with a complete listing of our current menu and sushi bar locations. We currently are operating 62 sushi bars. Mostly here on the Eastern coast. We have moved up in to Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

a quick note from konnees: My favorite Reno Sushi places are Sushi Pier and Sushi Club......worth the try!!!!!!

az sushi from larry.o: Just had lunch at Todai in the Biltmore Fashion Square in Phoenix, AZ. Great food...even though it's an all u can eat format. Became a sumo wrestler after I ate all the food. Try it!!!! 2502 E. Camelback. Phoenix, AZ 85016, 602-957-9123

sushi in colorado from miky109: There is a sushibar here in Ft. Collins, CO, which I would consider the local favorite if not a front range favorite. It is called Suehiro. The Info: Suehiro Japanese Restaurant, 223 Linden Linden Square, Fort Collins, CO 80524. (970) 482-3734. Thank you again for the information provided on your page. Mikyl09.

a note from new jersey from dderaney: Bamboo Sushi on Broadway in Westwood, New Jersey is awesome. 3-4 stools at the bar and 3-4 small tables and the sushi is sooooo fresh. Good prices and great bento lunch specials. Also Sakuro Bana in Ridgewood. Which has been there forever, long before sushi was really popular, and the chefs are artists!! The specials are amazing. Not cheap, but a real treat.

florida has sushi- a note from unscam3: There is a new sushi bar in Venice, Florida. It is called Osaka Sushi Bar Restaraunt. (941) 488-2002. Please update your site and add this restaurant.

tim tells us about one in berkeley: hello, we found another japanese restaurant in berkeley. It is called Manga! Manga! 2399 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704 (TEL: 510-704-8224). just informing you, your happy customer:

paradiseMO helps update our list: For St. Louis, Missouri: Sakkio downtown is no more. Ted and Taiko's has been taken over by Sansui, so there are two Sansui's in town. Rolla is a long haul from St. Louis; I suggest you give it a separate listing.

lyrlk22 found a good one while traveling: I've had an absolutely magnificent time, while out on a business trip, at Miki Japanese Restaurant in Modesto California. Yes Modesto California. I know when you come to Northern California, you think of San Francisco and maybe even Sacramento, but Miki Japanese Restaurant is my choice. The sushi is fresh and they have a wide variety of sushi, whether it be Nigiri, Sushi, or Rolls. I've even told them what I wanted in a roll and they made it happen. I created my own roll.

email from arizona, lepetitcafebisbee has a sushibar: Le Petit Cafe, located at 9 Naco Road in Old Bisbee, Arizona, offers a contemporary menu including a full sushi bar. 520-432-5287.

phoebecat has a minnesota tip: I love Kikugawa Japanese Restaurant located in Minneapolis. They offer the freshest, tastiest sushi in Minnesota. The salmon melts in your mouth, and the rolls are excellent. They also offer great tempura, but it's their sushi that I always go for!

chris has a southern california sushi tip: Hanabi Roll and Grill, Great new place... Open for lunch and dinner. Very reasonable pricing, very nice staff. Located across the street from the Marina movie theaters, could make for a great evening.

a new york suggestion from rxdrxd: FYI, New Japanese restaurant in the East Village (NYC) called GINGER. See some of the comments from frequent guests on Ginger is located at 109 1st Ave. Between 6 & 7 st. phone 212 260 6223.

virginia is for sushi - from simajaafar: Ichiban Sushi in McLean, VA on Old Dominion Rd. Best sushi ever! Very affordable! The owners know almost all the customers by name. Great environment. This one should top your list!

turbobinky has one in portland: If you travel by plane and ever stop in at Portland, Oregon, you MUST go to the sushi bar in the airport. It is in a restaurant called Rose City Cafe. The address is: 7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218. Stop on in and ask for Hoang Tran. He is my favorite sushi chef and you will be very surprised with their quality of fish.

norush had fun in the sun: Wow. Going to Hermosa Beach in California, then go to Paradise Sushi on the pier! I found them on the web at, Crazy chefs!

gs.broz agrees: Lisa is right. the Fish Market in downtown Pittsburgh is hands down the best place for sushi in Pittsburgh. Presentation is key, and in all my travels, I haven't seen so much attention paid to it. The dynamite roll (spicy scallops) has to be the standout here. Although it is not a Japanese restaurant (Lisa pointed this out), the freshness is never compromised. At most sushi places around here, you're better off not going on the days right before a shipment. You know, they have to clear out the inventory (sometimes they have all you can eat on these days). Never at the fish market. Also, Sushi Two on the South Side is excellent. Sushi Kim in the strip district isn't bad either. Then again, if you can get to the strip district, you might as well walk the two or three blocks to the Fish Market. It's worth it. Also, they're open until 1:00 AM. If you're lucky, you might see some of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

pattBHS found some fun rolls in fresno: SENDAI SUSHI in FRESNO, CA, is worth a trip! Not only is everything reasonably priced, it is almost too exquisite to eat. Excellent flavor and quality too. Some of the names were created with a great sense of humor, Marilyn Monroll, Robert DeNiroll, Gwyneth Paltroll, Lisa Kudroll, and lots of others. These are very tasty & beautiful. Call (559) 323-5887 for address, directions, and hours.

three to check out from dcpope: Hi, Writing from Springfield MO. We have 3 sushibar / Japanese restaurants here in Springfield.
The Haruno, on South Fremont
Fuji, on South Campbell
The Sakura, on South National

some sushi information from tamarin: In one of your articles you mentioned "soy paper" which I've heard can be used as a replacement for nori. I did a little research and found that it is also called "mamenori" and "nama nori san." It comes in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, pink and green (although I think it all tastes the same). I found a place to order it online, but at least on this particular site, it's a lot more expensive than nori.

cpro_painting in ma comments: Oishii in Brookline, MA is a fantastic restaurant. The seafood is incredibly fresh and the sushi is incredibly creative and delicious. The only drawback is the small seating capacity of the restaurant, but it is definitely worth the wait!

a sushi caterer in nj has a webpage and some nice words: Great site! Could you add our company's site. We are located in Englishtown, NJ. We are a sushi wholesaler. We deal with corporate, caterers and larger companies. Our clientele includes the Russian Tea Room as well as Tavern on the Green.

a georgia sushi suggestion from pthagstrom: Please add the August Moon to your list, it's probably the best sushi bar in Atlanta. Located at 5715 Buford Hwy., Doraville, Ga. 30340 (1/4 mile outside I-285). Phone 770-455-3464.

a recommendation from the message board: I was visiting a friend in Albuquerque, New Mexico and found a great Japanese teppanyaki and sushi restaurant. It is called Samurai Grill and Sushi bar. The food and atmosphere there are awesome! I highly recommend this one!

webdesigner miles has a tip: Hello, I came across your site while researching sushi restaurants in Calgary. I have been doing freelance work and I have done a site for a sushi restaurant in Vancouver, BC. ( ).

yummy sushi in az from wenjenaz: I found a great little family owned sushi place in North Scottsdale, Arizona. It's called Hang On Sushi. They're located in the Scottsdale Airpark right off of Hayden. They are really, really good. And, by the way, Mikado on Camelback is no longer in business.

st.paul sushi suggestion from damien: Sushi is practically unheard of here in Duluth, Minnesota, but there is an awesome Japanese restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Saji-ya. 695 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

fototroy tells us about some fun milwaukee sushi: Found a cool sushi guy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the JAZZ IN THE PARK, on Thursday evenings from May 30th to Sept. 13th. They're called "SUSHI-A-GO-GO". These guys are at a lot of the festivals in the Milwaukee area and offer about 10 items at a 4 hour event. Great Sushi and a lot of fun!

sushi in dallas from bjh: Hanasho Restaurant and Sushi Bar. 2938 N. Beltline Rd., Irving, TX. The best place in the DFW area I have found yet.

a texas tip from sushi-zushi: SUSHI ZUSHI, I-10 W & Wurzback @ The Colonnade Shopping Center 9867 W IH-10, San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 691-3332.

jtjohnson gives us a review: Kampai Sushi in Redding, CA. is an excellent place. We travel and we compare all other places to it. It is the best we have had. When we go out of town, we always look for a sushi bar. Kampai is great.

sushi in milan from lucadec: There is a small chain of fantastic sushibars in Milan, Italy, called Parco. for more info see

pennsylvania sushi suggestion from jzahn5: Madame Butterfly, State Street. Doylestown, PA. Delicious.

sushi by the beach from jan: Hey, Rush was right! I have never had so much fun at a sushi restaurant as Paradise Sushi in Hermosa Beach, CA! It took me a while to find their web page to see what they offer, but it was worth it! Entertainment deluxe! And at the BEACH! P.S. the direct link to their place is
take a look at the happy hour prices!!!!

ak in atlanta lets us know: We just ate sushi at a new place last night- Sushi Nami (Atlanta, GA) - and it was good; big pieces of Tuna. Oh so tasty!

an anonymous email from carmel: MIZU SUSHI, 3 NW OF 6TH-ON MISSION ST. CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, CA. (831)624-3502

ace_maverick comments: Sushi Takara in Fort Lauderdale is the best place I have found! The 'All you can eat' for $20.00 is a refreshing night out. Lovely atmosphere, stunning food, speedy service and the price is right too...

two sushi suggestions from miami62: Kobe Japanese Steak House has the best sushi in Birmingham, Alabama. I have tried all the sushibars listed on this site for Birmingham and still think Kobe is the best. I also live in Kirkland, Washington part of the year and think Rikki Rikki has very good sushi. It's my favorite sushi spot in Seattle.

papaya__1 has a tip for northern california: Add Mikuni Sushi --some of the best sushi in the area!

emy tells us about a sushibar in virginia beach: My husband is the executive Sushi Chef at Mahi Mahs Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Saloon located at 615 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach Virginia 23451-3523 and the phone number is 757-437-8030. Thanks Again! Here is the web site for Mahi Mah's,

excellent sushi in denver from claranalex: Banzai Sushi. 6655 Leetsdale, Denver, CO. EXCELLENT!!!!

jorge likes this one in delaware: Delaware finally has a nice sushi place.... check it out!


we appreciate some nice words from eds in seattle: Most of the sushi web sites I've found offer information that is woefully incomplete, and sometimes completely untrue. Your site is a rather welcome exception. I work as an itamae at Mashiko in Seattle. We consider the education of customers to be part of our job, so I spend a lot of time explaining the difference between Yellowfin and Yellowtail, and what real wasabi is, and why "fresh" doesn't mean "right off the boat," and countless other things. Chipsan's articles gave me a few new ideas on how to explain some of these things, for which I'm most grateful.

yummy information from walkerau: There is a great sushi restaurant in Novi, Michigan on Nine Mile and Novi Road, called Shiro. It has the best sushi I've ever tasted, and the price isn't that bad either.

nice words and a suggestion from lolly in houston: Great Site!! Cool Fish. Hope you get a chance to visit Tokyo Bowl while you're in Houston. Their address is 2402 Bay Area Blvd., Clear Lake, Texas 281.480.5311. Sherry and Jay are the owners.

huckusan has a nice compliment and a sushibar: You have a great website. If you are ever in the area come visit us at MIZU SUSHI in Carmel-by-the-Sea between 5th and 6th on Mission, Carmel, CA. (831)624-3502.

tom tried a new one in dallas: Yo! The name of the restaurant in Dallas on Henderson Ave. is Tae Tae Robate. The food was out of this world - especially the Sea Bass which melted in my mouth. The Service was wonderful - our waitress stood ready at the table but didn't hover. However, as we were paying out, the manager asked us to leave because another party was waiting on our table -- sad, very sad.

vicdogg has a favorite: Sasu Sushi Bar and Grill. 5854 New Territory Blvd. Sugar Land, TX 77478. (281) 937-9213. Excellent sushi. Wonderful atmosphere. Caribbean theme with delicious rolls and dishes.

an iron chef has contacted Morimoto Restaurant. 723 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215-413-9070.

xaeonz sends a couple of good ones: Deep Sushi in Dallas, TX is the best sushi restaurant EVER! They have a great variety of sushi available, as well as many other entrees for the non-sushi eating people. The atmosphere is terrific and the service is great. Located on Elm St. just east of Good Latimer. Another great sushi restaurant is Wok N Roll in Pasadena, CA. They have a HUGE menu which consists of many different kinds of sushi and a full Chinese menu as well. What makes this restaurant different is how they use soybean wraps instead of Nori (seaweed). They come in an array of colors including yellow and hot pink. I highly recommend the Elvis Roll (fried banana, unagi (eel), and avocado wrapped in a "cadillac yellow" soybean wrap. The Vegas Roll is also excellent.

some california sushi from bluecherrymusic: Furu-Sato, 1651 West Campbell Avenue, Campbell, California 95008, (408) 370-1300.

another california sushi suggestion from judy: My favorite sushi bar is Nagisa in Corona Del Mar, CA. Judy.

we hope sho-gun is back soon: Help! I discovered sushi at Sho-Gun, a Glastonbury, CT restaurant in your listing, around 1988. Since then it's been my favorite food and Sho-Gun has been my top choice of dozens I've visited since. They recently boarded up and are remodeling.

more sushi in illinois, yay!: Hayashi - Gurnee, Illinois - EXCELLENT. House of Tokyo - St.Charles, IL. Both places are excellent - Highly recommended. -JoAnne.

email from jelisas tells us: two more you may want to add to your MD list. There is a Sakura in Bel Air (Tollgate Plaza) as well as Pasadena, MD.

sushi in chile, from marilen: Sushi House: Sushi Bar & Delivery. Open from tuesday to sunday 12:00 - 15:30 and 18:30 - 22:30. Av. La Dehesa 541 local 4. Chile. phone no: 56 2 249 5555.

louisiana sushi from brenda: We have three sushi bars here now and the best one by far is Shogun located at 1409 E. 70th Street, Shreveport, La. Their phone number is 318-798-1001.

southern california suggestion from yycucko: SUSHI ISLAND in Orange County in CA. SUSHI ISLAND is the best sushi bar in town. Incredibly fresh delicious sushi and many kinds of Japanese appetizers fulfill your sushi dream. Try Tuna Tataki w/ special cream sauce! Choose SUSHI ISLAND! You will not regret with Great sushi, very nice service!! I Promise! SUSHI ISLAND, 2574 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA 92627, (949)631-8382. M-F Lunch 11:30-2:00, Dinner 5:30-10:00, Sat Dinner Only 5:30-10:00, Sun Closed.

jparker has a suggestion: Kampai Japanese Steak House, 2330 South Elmhurst Road, Mount Prospect, IL 60056. Very good japanese steak house; they also own a sushi restaurant that is right next store that is very good (one of my favorites).

rambo from fort wayne recommends: Here's TWO Sushi places I know of in Fort Wayne, Indiana: Yokohama, (260)482-4040. Asakusa, (260)490-6888

jspies tells us about ohio, and has a question: Hi, I worked for Hiroshi Tsuji at Shujiro and Shuhei in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and I really appreciate good sushi. Can you recommend a place in San Antonio, Texas?

mark gives a great tip for central california: If you live in Fresno, Ca. try Japanese Kitchen. Great sushi. And, The best SWEET SHRIMP I think, is found at a Japanese restaurant in Morro Bay, Ca. on Embarcadero Street, I think.

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