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a few more fresno tips from mark: Hello, I forgot to tell you why I think the best sweet shrimp come from the Japanese restaurant in Morro Bay, Ca. They tell you to go and pick out your own two LIVE fresh sweet shrimp from a large tank! When your heads come back from the kitchen, they are not trimmed, meaning you have about a half a foot of cooked tentacles coming off the shrimp head for you to see. Some other places clip them and they don't look as nice. I also failed to mention in the Fresno, CA. area some Sushi bars that are also very good. Yoshino Japanese Restaurant has an awesome sushi bar where dozens of your favorite sushi float on little wooden boats that spin in a counterclockwise setting in front of you. The sushi bar is in a huge circle, and the boats pass quietly in front of you. A must go to, if you can get in. I also praise a little tiny place in Fresno called Zipangu. A small, quiet secret. Kame Sushi House is also one to visit. Very nice people. Thanks, Mark.

from Henry in indonesia: Do you know..SAKAE SUSHI..? it's a sushibar in Singapore but in here they will open soon.

from a sushibar owner in caracas: I just visited your excellent site and would like to know if you could list my Sushi Bar located in Caracas, Venezuela. Name: Sushito. Reviews: Small sushi bar located in touristic Hatillo town, Caracas-Venezuela, serving fresh sushi prepared to perfection by Chef-Owner Anel Pantin. Generous portions, superb, attentive service at unbeatable prices.Sushito URL: Phone: +58-4143098244

a tip from blackmug: Nice Japanese restaurant with Sushi bar in Lawrence, Kansas. Kokoro on Kasold and 6th Street.

sushi suggestions in san diego from klarue: All in San Diego: Mr. Wasabe on Mira Mesa Blvd. Meiki on Carroll Canyon. Bento Sushi on Mira Mesa Blvd.

we will add this ohio sushibar from Angerona: Here is the sushi bar I go to in Toledo. I noticed you have no listings for Toledo. Fujiyama, 1208 North Reynolds Road, Toledo, Ohio. (419) 537-0700. Fuji is one of the sushi chefs and quite a bit of fun. They also offer other japanese dishes, including appetizers, salads, noodle bowls, and tempura. They serve both lunch and dinner. They have a liquor license. They even have a small vegetable garden growing next to the restaurant in the summer.

from a roaddog: Have you ever heard of a place in NYC (East Village) called "Sushi Samba"? Pretty interesting, good, but interesting. It's kind of Brazilian meets sushi. There is a traditional sushi and sashimi menu, with some wacked South American come Japanese items.

vinman gives a tip: When visiting Fort Myers, Fl., the best sushi in town is at MR MEE's Japanese-Korean-Thai Restaurant with Sushi Bar. It is located at 5100 S Cleveland Ave. The sushi rolls, for about the same price elsewhere, are larger and fresher.

another from parish: I had sushi last night at another place not on your list: The Sushi Box, 2433 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53705. 608-232-1432. It doesn't have a bar, but it was good nonetheless.

parish tells us about illinois: Two good sushi restaurants in the suburbs far west of Chicago. JuRin, Geneva Illinois (630)262-9590, House of Tokyo, St. Charles, Illinois.

kscorp gives a great recommendation: Hi, I just went to an outstanding Japanese restaurant located in Campbell, California. The business name is Furu-Sato. It was truly first rate in all areas: food quality, service, and atmosphere. I think it's the best one I've been to yet! I'd recommend this to anyone who loves sushi and Japanese cuisine. They have tatami rooms and a large sushibar (the freshest sushi around). Just wanted to share what is now my favorite restaurant! Furu-Sato's Address: 1651 West Campbell Ave. Campbell, CA. 95008. I think it has a website as well. IT HAS ME TOTALLY HOOKED ON SUSHI AND JAPANESE FOOD!!! Please share this awesome place with the rest of the peeps out there! -Thank you.

hama35 has a good one: name; sushi atlantic, address; 422-A shrewsbury street, charleston, WV 25301, phone; 304-342-0021.

dcbacon loves sushi in michigan: Michigan, N. Detroit area: Tokyo Sushi & Seoul BBQ, 45817 Mound Road, Utica, Michigan, 810-997-9582. Not only great sushi, but great Korean dishes also. One of the best sushi restaurants I know of. They just recently obtained their liquor license. One block north of Hall (20 Mile Rd) on the west side of Mound Rd.

reinaohno gambles on some sushi: I found the best sushibar in the town. The name is "SUSHI-FACTORY" in Las Vegas, NV. They have maybe 50 special rolls and fresh sushi, they're so cool. I don't have a telephone number, but those guys are located on Jones and Tropicana ave. Anyone who lives in Las Vegas should try them. sushi-lover :)

teresa likes this one: I am a sushi-newbie, but a friend who has had the best in Japan enjoyed her visit with me to Peking-Tokyo in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Most of the fish was very fresh, presented well, and always good service -- I go at least once a week! -- Teresa in Vermont.

sushi in new jersey from mizcher: Our favorite place is in Wayne, NJ, in the Mountainview section. It is Takei and is owned and operated by a young couple. Their fish is very fresh, reasonably priced, with good size portions. We could eat there every night.

general helps us with the list: Osami restaurant in Grapevine, TX, that you list on your page is now closed. It has become something else that doesn't even come close to what Osami offered. Aoba Sushi that you have listed in Dallas, TX has changed names - it is now SushiMasa. The phone number is still good. It is THE best place to eat sushi. Chef Masa always has, a smile on his face to greet his customers, and a new creation. The food is excellent and the prices are more than fair, who could ask for more?

(Note: formerly Osami, it is now Nagoya).

a mass. suggestion from Rck6664: Oishii Sushi in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Has very high quality grade sushi with large portions. The physical size of the bar is very small but its worth the wait.

marcio in miami suggests: We always go to the one on US1, its Akashi I think, near Sunset, in Miami, FL. It's great! But then again we haven't tried many others (only one on kendall and one at coconut grove plaza).

saltpond in rhode island comments: Haruki. 1210 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910, 401-463-8338. Been going to Haruki for years. It is excellent and the owner, Haruki, is always there. Compares very favorably with SB's in Japan and the best of the US.

diana has a suggestion and a question: When I lived in Paris we went often to a Japanese restaurant called Yakitori. In addition to their delicious brochettes, they made pickled vegetables or OSHINKO, and the little onions especially were fantastic! I would love to have a recipe to make these (or find a place to buy them).

cecilia tells us about chile sushi: We have had a Sushi Bar in Santiago, Chile since 1995. Our main business is home delivery. Our name is SUSHI DELI, address: Av. Las Condes 12253 Loc. 92 Phone: 562-217 3137.

christopher has a favorite: There is a great sushi bar in Beverly which you can add to your listing: Kame Restaurant, 250 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915. 978-922-9333. Thanks, Christopher.

njonihakis has two for us: Renga Tei on Touhy & Crawford / Lincolnwood IL. AND Akai Hana on Lake Avenue West of Skokie Blvd. / Wilmette IL.

anonymous from alaska says: Please add Seong's Sushi Bar in Juneau, Alaska to your list of fine sushi sources. I have no interest in the business, except as a satisfied customer. It's the best sushi in Southeast Alaska, and we have some by-God great fish here, I can tell you.

helms comments: I really enjoy a little neighborhood sushi bar and Japanese restaurant in the Tujunga section of Los Angeles, Ca. The name of the place is Tori Yen. The have a fun waitress there who goes by different names (Mariko, Tea Flower, Virginia, Baby, etc.) depending on her mood and yours. The two sushi men (Grandpa and Sensei) are nice, and the food is very good but most people seem to go there because they like Mariko. Many of the customers are regulars who've been going for years, but new people are welcomed by everyone. They make a spectacular "spicy scallop hand roll" at Tori Yen.

ponitz4 is happy about the drink: "The Drink Rock-N-Sushi" off Rockfield, in Lake Forest, Ca. is a nightclub and 50 person sit-down sushibar. D.J. Larry (fridays) & D.J. Danny (saturdays) play a variety of music like KROQ, Top 40, Trance, and HipHop. The Drink also has two tournament pool tables. Come check out The Drink Rock-N-Sushi!

sfjazz has a great suggestion and a few nice words: I LOVE your webpage. It has a lot of information about sushi that I never knew. I am Japanese and have had sushi a couple of times at a restaurant but more likely I make it at home. Can you include an Oriental food store guide/locations like you do sushi bars? That would help me so much on buying the authentic ingredients needed instead of searching the internet forever. Thank you very much and happy sushi eating!!!!!

a future sushibar: antonio is helping design this one in Kazakhstan.

Future Sushi

yummy sushi in amsterdam: Sapporo Teppanyaki & Sushibar. Scheldestraat 99 1078 GJ Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tel.: +31 (0)20 47 10039. Wonderful sushi near the RAI Convention Center.

Sapporo Sapporo Sapporo

sbalbert wants to keep this a secret: While it is a risk to my easy access status, more people should check out Fuji, in Cinnaminson, NJ. If you make a point to call the chef and ask him what his specialties are, or even better, to let him offer you his omakase tasting menu, you will be in for a special treat. Don't ask about prices and make sure you bring some unsalted peanuts in the shell for his pet. Be adventurous.

darlaplans tells us about sushi in ohio: Otani Japanese Restaurant. A classic sushi-and-hibachi hideaway for all seasons. 6420 Mayfield Rd., Mayfield Heights, OH 44124, Phone: (440) 442-7098, Fax: (440) 442-7138. AND: Japanese Restaurant Shuhei Restaurant of Japan. At this original sushi buzz-bar education is part of the combo plate. Just point your chopsticks and click: This is delicious daikon for dummies. 23360 Chagrin Blvd. Beachwood, OH 44122, Phone: (216) 464-1720.

dean has a favorite in las vegas: Osaka Japanese Restaurant. New Summerlin Location, 7511 W. Lake Mead Las Vegas, Nevada 702-869-9494 My wife and I, a novice friend, and an 18 year old French foreign exchange student went to Osaka, which I have to admit we are biased towards because we eat there often. We had called ahead and asked Chef Terry, a classically trained French chef to do something special. He started us out with frog legs/crab cakes, then foie gras, then a fantastic assortment of sashimi, including toro (tuna of the highest quality with a buttery fat taste). Our main entree was ostrich, cooked in a classic reduction sauce. We tasted 6 wines, including a fantastic desert late harvest wine from Oregon. We ended the evening feeling like it was one of the best meals any of us had eaten. ---Since I have eaten all over in Paris, Tokyo, London, Toronto, Mexico City, Cairo, New York, etc. especially at sushi restaurants, this is a high rating. I can tell you that they fly in fresh toro tuna, salmon, and a wide range of fish daily. One of the unique things about this restaurant is that many of the staff are Hawaiian and they serve some sushi related dishes that you find in Honolulu. I love poki, a salmon dish they do Hawaiian style. I also like the fresh water shrimp they serve, that are flown in from Hawaii, and the wide range of fish they serve. Chef Michael (the 5 foot 2 sushi chef) is very talented also. Owner/Manager Joy (the person who often greets you when you come in) treats regulars like family and it is like going to your favorite family's house who happens to have first rate sushi and also teppan grill with a bit of French nouvelle cuisine thrown in. I am biased.. we went again 2 nights later at the popular request of all.

gayl loves sushi den!: The absolute BEST sushi restaurant is in Denver. SUSHI DEN! My husband who is a Sansei Japanese, thinks it is the BEST. Toshi presents the most wonderful creations that will make you want for more. Excellent! The only problem is the parking. But no wonder... it is so popular. He has even opened a restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan called Sushi Den. Thanks Toshi!

a couple more from gayl in denver: One of the favorites in downtown is called Mori's, and I have been there quite often in years past. It is located right near Coors field. But you know, it just dawned on me, Sonoda's. The owner there is Kenny. The restaurant is in a "basement", and has lots of fish tanks behind the Sushibar. Excellent Sushi! The original Sonoda's is located in Aurora on Parker Road, (part of the Denver-Metro area), which is still in operation.

chef would like us to visit: Can you add Osami Japanese Restaurant to your directory. We are in the city of Grapevine, Texas. Here is my link: Thank you.


wecomead has a tip in south carolina: Our favorite sushi bar/restaurant is Sushi Koji. Sushi Koji is located in Greenville, SC, on Haywood Road and is a quaint, contemporary restaurant that has become a home away from home. It is run by Koji and his wife along with some other waitresses and sushi chefs. Masa Koji and his wife are VERY warm and personable. The sushi and sashimi are absolutely exquisite and always fresh. Please include it in your listing of sushi bars for South Carolina. It is WONDERFUL! We love your site!

DBACKFAN has sushi in arizona: add Ah-So in Gilbert, Arizona, pretty good ...but not as good as Saki's in Tempe.

a short palm note from DW: .. best crew sushi in orlando - "sushi man".

telysguzman has a favorite in miami: Shibui in Miami, FL off of Sunset and 102nd Avenue is one of the best sushi restaurants I have ever been to. I have been going there for about 13 years and they have been consistently good. Food is superb and service is excellent!

taojones has a tip and some nice words: Just hooked up with a great local Japanese grocery store in Port Washington, New York on Main St. It's called Nara. They are great, clean and they have everything (and cheap!) A quart of real (not aji) mirin was only $4.50, a 1/2 lb of masago $1.99. The phone number is 516-883-1836. I love the fish navigation system on the site, it looks great.

ron has a place to check out: please add Pearl Dragon in Pacific Palisades, Ca.

spankysdarla comments: Sakura Japanese Steakhouse has really good sushi. It is located in Waldorf, Maryland. There are 6 locations in Maryland total.

bobm tells us about sushi in new jersey!!: Here's one for New Jersey: Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, 1655 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820. (732) 548-5100. This is my favorite place and I can give a review once it's on-line. There's also another great place: Minado Restaurant, One Valley Road, Little Ferry, NJ 07643. (201) 931-1522. (201) 931-1524 (fax). I can give a review of this one too.

eadlerman tells us about OK sushi: Here's the address of the sushi bar in Norman, Oklahoma. Its actually quite good! A second branch will be opening later this year, closer to the OU campus. Gaijin Sushi, 1228 N. Interstate Dr., Norman, OK 73071. (405) 307-8744.

shauna tells us about milwaukee and has some nice words: There are several sushi bars in the Milwaukee area that aren't listed. Restaurant Tokyo - 12950 W. Bluemound Rd., Elm Grove, WI, 53122 (Excellent... my personal favorite). Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar - 2336 N. Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, WI. Izumi's - 2178 N. Prospect Ave. Milwaukee, WI. Restaurant Hama - 333 W. Brown Deer Rd. Milwaukee, WI. You have a great site!!! Keep up the good work!

sloppyclaw makes sushi! In Tulsa, OK. Come check out our sushi at IN THE RAW SUSHI at 3321 S. Peoria. I think we give any sushi bar a run for California style sushi. I've been a sushi chef for 4 years and have trained under 3 different Japanese chefs, call us at 918-744-1300.

marianne loves mussels and miso soup: Shogun Japanese Restaurant (Veteran's Blvd. in Metairie, Louisiana) is THE best, second is Little Tokyo on Causeway in Metairie, Louisiana. The reason this is, is that they ALWAYS have a dish that I have been unable to find anywhere else in the US. Some call it MayoMiso green mussels. Where the New Zealand green mussels are broiled and brushed with a mayo and tobiko blend and it ROCKS!!! I have tried getting it elsewhere and they don't ever make it this way :( I tried to make it at home but I can't find tobiko (must order online) and can't figure out what, if anything, is in the mayo that makes it so delicious. I can't find a recipe anywhere. I could LIVE off of mayomiso mussels and miso soup and any type of Okazu - forever. Thanks for this awesome website!! :)M

from seattle, jajsf says: If in Seattle, Please try WASABI BISTRO, in the Belltown section of Seattle, very hip Japanese Fusion cuisine and Sushi. Like Tokyo meets Los Angeles. Great Food, Great Service, and they have a private room for parties up to 40. We tried several types of Sake and Japanese beer. The phone number is 206-441-6044.

bagelman has a sushibar: Please list our Sushi Bar in Solvang, California. SushiQ's Sushi Bar & Grill 443 Second Street, Solvang, California 93463. 805-693-0437.

neat suggestion from japiee: The best sushibar in Holland is Tomo Sushi in Amsterdam. Nice interior, nice music and the people are good.

megantom tells about lei ting: Lei Ting Chinese/Japanese Cuisine, 525 N. Main St., Ste. 150, Milford, Michigan 48381. Set to open early June 2001. Upscale, brand new, trendy.

lindsay enjoys it: I LOVE SUSHI !! I HAVE TASTED EEL ROLL, CALIFORNIA ROLL, CALIFORNIA ROLL SPECIAL, AND MANY MORE. ALLS I HAVE TO SAY IS SUSHI ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't eat at a sushi bar, I get my sushi from Shop Right and that food center's sushi is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Shop Right is in Brielle NJ

jfeinschreiber tells us about takeshima: Takeshima, in Brookline, MA is the best sushi and best Japanese food I've ever had. Small, intimate, and friendly.

mr. uni: found an excellent sushi bar in the Hyatt Lake Las Vegas Resort and Casino.  Japengo!  Elegant setting with a suprising selection of very fresh fish and specialties.  Say Hello to Martin & Fuji (center left to right) when you stop in. Located downstairs of the Hyatt main lobby.  You have to try the Japengo Box Sushi & the Spicy Tuna Cocktail most excellent! Hyatt Regency Lake Las Vegas Resort, 101 Montelago Boulevard, Henderson, NV 89011, Ph: 702.567.1234 x1780


short note from erf: Inakaya, Columbia, SC.

steve has information from oklahoma: Oklahoma is the land of red meat, but amazingly does have sushi bars. Sushi Plus 5801 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City.-- Sushi Neko 4316 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City.-- Gaijin Sushi Robinson Crossing Shopping Center, W. Robinson Ave, Norman.

rush has a sushibar to check out: I would like to get my client listed in your list of Sushi Restaurants for Southern California.... Specifically Hermosa Beach. Restaurant is Paradise Sushi. The Home Page is being constructed now. Go to Click on "take the tour".  or

c_demko needs help! Any ideas where I can get a Fugu Lantern like they hang in front of the Fugu restaurants in Japan? It's where they take a pufferfish, blow it up, dry it out, and make a lamp out of it. I've looked everywhere and have not had any luck!

aedosushi sends greetings: May I ask you to list our restaurant on your webpage? My restaurant is 2 years new. Please check out it. Name: Aedo Japanese Restaurant & Sushibar, 16405 Bernardo Center Dr., San Diego, CA. 92128 Phone :858 613-9000, Open 7 days 11:30-2:30 for lunch, 4:30-10:00 for dinner, beer & wine. Thank you for your time.

from dmitry in russia: Our firm is the exporter salty Warabi in Japan. We work through the messengers. My interests worldwide price warabi in packaging, offered us: wooden box with Warabi in the polietilen eatables pack net 40 kg. ( will get an address from Dmitry, if anyone is interested in prices and delivery of warabi).

mking comments: Two More for Columbus, OH: Sapporo Wind, E. 161 & I71, Columbus, OH. Restaurant Japan, Kenny & Old Henderson Roads in Kenny Center, Columbus, OH (Best in town).

lisa has done some research: I wanted to report the sushi bars located around me, since I did not find them on the site. In Pittsburgh, PA: -By far, the best bar is located in The Fish Market Restaurant. This restaurant is not a Japanese one (it just specializes in fish) but they have several sushi chefs. Not only do they prepare excellent tasting sushi, but the presentation alone is well worth the visit. I have never seen sushi chefs focus on presentation as much as at The Fish Market. -Located in the North Hills: (about 15 minutes north of Pittsburgh) is a small, family owned restaurant named Kodo Buki. Although not as good as The Fish Market, they are perfect for when you are unable to drive into the city. In Harrisburg, PA: Restaurants in Harrisburg are very hard to find. Good restaurants that is. The 3 sushi bars that are located here include Benihana and Tokyo Diner (2 locations - downtown and Mechanicsburg). Although not quite as good as the restaurants in Pittsburgh, they are perfect for satisfying the sushi craving (that always seems to hit, no matter how often you eat it!!).

lakenorman tells us about: Kobe Japanese Restaurant in Cornelius, NC. Great people, great ambiance, large cuts, real crab meat, cozy, not loud.

fandjb is happy! Party time! Samurai in Solana Beach, California. This is THE place for gathering. Atmosphere as good as the sushi. As much as gets used there, you can bet its fresh. And the owner is always prowling around, getting to know customers and checking on the food. The place is in a shopping center just off Manchester. Campai, if you see Charlie, the owner.

landshark loves sushi too: Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know of a couple of my favorite sushi bars in Washington State that I did not see on your list.1. The first and best :) is a place called Tokyo in Factoria (Bellevue WA.) it is in a small strip mall called Lohman's Plaza in Factoria.
2. The second is in Park Place Plaza in Kirkland, WA. which is called Riki Riki. This place is very good sushi, less ethnic more Americanized but good sushi.

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