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Fawnia says: Yes, I love sushi, and if you want, you could mention on your site, "Fawnia enjoys the fine Sushi from 'Japanese Village' in downtown Victoria, BC and from 'MoMoTaRo' in Vancouver, on Broadway at Cambie."

JenNJerW finds great sushi: The best sushi bar in Mobile, Alabama is Banzai. Located at Schillinger and Airport Blvd.

fandjb has a tip and some nice comments about Parallel chopstick etiquette is very helpful. I agree that you shouldn't drown the delicate flavors of sushi with soy sauce. I like to take the wasabi and soy sauce, then cut it with some sake. It makes the mixture milder and enhances the flavor of the sushi.

cnorwood has a suggestion and a nice comment about I love to pick up sushi for a quick lunch in the office. I am trying several places around my job in the Galleria/Cumberland area of Atlanta, and so far, the best sushi I have found is at Harry's Farmer's Market! It's great tasting and they have a wide variety to choose from, including a great variety pack! Great when you are on the run and need to get in and out fast. Love your site and enjoyed the comments!

news from Down Under, ivy says check out: MIKAKU JAPANESE RESTAURANT, 85 Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania, Australia 7000, Phone: +61 (03) 6224 0882 and TOSHI'S KITCHEN Japanese Restaurant & Take Away, 8 Salamanca Square, Hobart Tasmania, AUSTRALIA 7000, Phone: +61 (03) 6223 1230

e-mail from Chicago, isi says: The best sushi in Chicago is at Maki Sushi in Park Ridge on Northwest Hwy. Why? My opinion is the fact that they fly in the freshest, biggest, best tasting fish in the country. The atmosphere is fabulous. You are welcomed and made to feel at home as soon as you walk in. They offer valet parking and their imported wine selection is wonderful.

holly says: The name of the sushi restaurant in Atlanta that I was referring to is Nickiemotos on 10th and Piedmont. It is a beautiful place in a very popular part of town, so weekends are packed.

email from Sushi Zen: Sushi Zen: 8163 Santa Monica Bl. West Hollywood, CA. 90046, Tel: 323-656-9002. I'll send the digital picture later.

email from randerson: A wonderful new restaurant opened in Post Falls, Id. this past year. Its name is "Momiji Red Maple". It offers a full range of Japanese dishes, and Wonderful SUSHI. Its located at 1590 E Seltice Way, Post Falls Id. 83854. 208 457 0123

An anonymous comment to Found another great sushi site for beginners...

landau wants us to check out: YouYou Japanese Bistro, Broad St., Nashua, NH, 03063. Yes, New Hampshire. This is a terrific little restaurant with a very good sushi bar. Compares favorably with the best ones I've been to in Seattle and San Francisco.

Jeff loves this place: Sekisui Pacific Rim and Sushi Bistro, Memphis, TN.

Holly in Florida sends a nice message: Good morning, Yes, I do have a favorite sushi bar, it's Siam Orchid in Vero Beach, FL. It is also my favorite restaurant overall. Holly

Bob sends some pictures: I don't have a sushi webpage, but I have some sushi pictures, which I've enclosed in this message. The sushi bar pictured is Miraku, located in Spring House, PA.


sharkba8t has a few suggestions: Sake Sushi Bar & Grill, 41 Royal Palm Blvd. Vero Beach, FL 32960, (561) 978-9798. Get Lunch box specials. And Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant. 762 21st Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960, (561) 569-2829. Has the best "Dragon Rolls".

A nice message to from Sushiman: This is a great site about Sushi. Great links and a most amazing amount of information about Sushi. A favorite topic of mine. Here in Ventura, Ca. we have a Sushi Caterer - "Kiyoko's Catering" they deliver to your business/office or home. Their Sushi is terrific always fresh and generous portions - If you are in Ventura you should also try Sushi Marina, at 120 So. California St. - voted as the best Sushi restaurant in Ventura for 2000. Also Koba Sushi 2026 E. Main St. Ventura, has excellent Sushi prepared in the Japanese Style. You already have Seaward Sushi listed in your restaurant guide another great place. There are many Sushi bars in the Ventura County area. To your continued success - happy birthday! Sushiman.

robinmcm send a nice message: I've been enjoying sushi for a number of years, now. Your etiquette page mentions some pointers that I was not aware of. I'll be a much more considerate sushi bar patron now! Keep up the good work.

Jason got some stuff: Hello. I wanted to tell you about a site that I got some of my first sushi supplies from. They are great, the stuff got here on time and was packaged great. Check them out at

Sushiboy loves Sushi: Some friends call me 'Sushi Boy' or 'Sushi Dude' because I just love sushi! The best place to eat sushi when you're in southeastern VA in the Hampton Roads area is at Ginza on Holland Rd. in Virginia Beach!

matt has a tip: I can't believe you don't have a listing in Maryland. The absolute best sushi I have ever had is at Joss' Sushi Cafe in Annapolis, Maryland. It doesn't get any better than that. Only the freshest of ingredients are used by their master chefs. Ping is the man. His work is artistic and sometimes very unique. This place is highly recommended for any one visiting our Nation's first capital, Annapolis, Maryland.

jnpomavi suggests:  Little Tree- Royal Oak, Michigan is a sushi bar, drink bar, and specializes in new asian cuisine... I haven't had any of the fancy Japanese dishes there yet, but they are a work of art, and their sushi is fabulous!  I will send you more sushi places in MI, once I talk to my friend.

myaltego makes a small suggestion:  In your glossary of terms, an indicator of how the word or words should be approximated (pronounced) in English would be extremely helpful.  One of the greatest joys of experiencing another culture's food or art--or as in the case of Japan's sushi, "food art-- or coming to understand that food or art, and knowledge is the best route to understanding.

email from Oregon:  Sushi Town. Hillsboro, OR. This place has all the oriental atmosphere and ambiance that the roadside diner did when it came to hamburgers in the 50's. Located in a strip mall at Hwy 26 and 185th Street in Hillsboro, it is the most fantastic place to go for sushi. Conveyor belt running around the length of the place. Three prices. $1.00 for the orange plates, $1.50 for the green plates and $2.00 for the "special" plates. They will make to order stuff like tekki maki (green plate), etc. After being in NM and getting charged 4.50 for two pieces of octopus, when the same would have been a green plate in Hillsboro is frustrating. Always greeted cheerfully by the (at least) three sushi chiefs on duty. Even my daughter loves the place since they have some orange plates that don't have a single raw thing in them, save the cucumber.  "So let's see sir, that will be 2 specials, 4 greens and 3 oranges and a coke... that'll be $14.50" Same meal would have cost $38.00 at the NM sushi bars.

kevmo found a gem:   I've had sushi from coast to coast and the best I have ever had was at the sushi place in Palm Springs, Ca. at the corner of Cook Rd., and Country Club across from the Marriott Desert Springs. It was orgasmic!!!!!!

Cameron finds it useful:  Hi!  My name is Cameron, and I am in the Japanese program in high school.  I would like to tell you that I am using your website, along with your other brother sites including "" to write a report, and I just wanted to let you know that the websites are helpful.  Thank you very much!

btjack1 tells us:  I see that your site doesn't even provide addresses in Indiana, (no big surprise really) but there is a place called Kokoro on Main St. in Lafayette that I've been going to for years.  The Chef/Owner has worked in most major US cities and finally settled here.  Huge, tasty rolls and an eclectic grill selection, but the best part is the crazy little man (Tony) behind the bar.  Had sushi all over (Ca, Fl, places that should be better) and you can't beat "the heart".

falconb1 tells us about his favorite:  I have a restaurant in Carrboro, North Carolina to suggest for your website.  It was voted the top sushi restaurant in the year 2000 in the Triangle area.  It's my favorite.  They have consistently high quality sushi, gyoza, dinners and jazz music on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Their website is, Please give them a listing.  Thanks.

ptakade enjoys sushi:  Thanks for your etiquette page, it was great! Also, I was happy to find my favorite sushi place Yakimono, in San Diego, on your site!

RJR comments:  Tokyo Tea House - Pocono Summit, PA. in the Pocono Mtns. The best Sushi anywhere.  The menu is varied enough for those who like other things.  The best I've ever been.  And I've been to at least a few hundred.

dbailey1 in Maine has a good one:  Maine's best sushi bar, Benkay, 2 India Street, Portland, ME 207-773-5555.

JOELJOSE Shouts out about: Kobe Japanese Restaurant in Cornelius, NC. Great Sushi, Big Portions, Great Presentation. Henry is the Master.

A nice suggestion from California, scheidfam5 says:  Omino Sushi, in Chatsworth, CA, by far has the largest and best tasting spicy tuna hand roll we have found.  The price is right too.

tukiskickr has one for us: Ozumo, Hicksville Road, Bethpage, NY, 516 area code. Great Specials / Excellent cuts.

baparten comments:  Another great place you need to list in your sushi bar list. Sushi Rock in Plano. It could be a month or two since I have been there and the sushi chefs ALWAYS make me feel at home.  They have a roll there called the Texas Tornado roll that just evaporates on the palate. A true tastegasm.
Sushi Rock, 2901 North Central Expressway #125, Plano, Texas 75075, 972-633-5387.

A nice note from jennifer:  There is a great little sushi bar in Pittsburgh (Mt. Lebanon) called Little Tokyo.  Also Kiku and Kiku II.

jcostello tells about:  Sakura, 7474 Nieman Rd. Shawnee, Kansas, 913-962-6361.

Gregory likes Shige Sushi:  There are several excellent sushi bars in Sacramento, California.  I would like to recommend Shige Sushi, at Howe and Arden, as the finest here.  I've had sushi all over Northern California, and found none better.  The fish is incredibly fresh, and the balance of fish to rice is perfect.  I regularly meet people at Shige who come to Sacramento from San Francisco to have their sushi here.

Goldberg Suggests:  Osaka Sushi Bar and Grille, 3112 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214, 716/831-0443.  In the University District.

sgoodman has a tip:  I'd like to add a wonderful sushi bar in Kansas: Jun's Authentic Japanese Restaurant, 7660 State Line 66208, (913)341-4924. They are located near Kansas City, Missouri. The restaurant not only has a sushi bar, but also a traditional Japanese eating area. I have enjoyed many a great meal at this restaurant, it is highly recommended.

Chris says:  I would like to take a moment to tell you about a great sushi bar and grill that a few friends and I went to recently... Sushi Kyoto in Coppell, Texas... Great food and better service... If you get a chance try the Volcano before the end of your meal, you may want to start all over again.

shuastar had some reservations, but says:  I am one of the people who don't see the joy in eating raw seafood. However, I have been made to realize that there are also cooked types of sushi which are authentic japanese. For example, there is the unagi hand roll, which is the cooked eel sushi roll. There also are crab, egg and vegetable rolls.   Go and try some shabu shabu for a change and you will fall in love with it, japanese fondue with a ponzu sauce. ...DELICIOUS!!  Siam River in North Miami, FL. Absolutely excellent unagi hand rolls, and also serves authentic thai cuisine.

jennifer tells us:  Some other great sushi bars in West Los Angeles are: Tenjin Sushi on Santa Monica and Federal, This place always has the freshest sushi of any I have ever tasted.  If you go to Tenjin, try some of the owner's (Shue) special rolls - volcano and 6.5 are especially good.  Also, Hide Sushi on Sawtelle.
In Honolulu, Hawaii a good place is Wasabi Bistro.

makena sends a suggestion: Wasabi Sushi in Salt Lake City, UT is a great new takeout sushi bar.  Check out  WASABI SUSHI, 865 East 900 South (Rear), Salt Lake City UT 84105, 801-328-FISH (3474).

christophertann sends a wonderful suggestion:  There is a Sushi bar in Stowe, Vermont with some excellent quality sushi, sashimi and some soups.  It's called The Matterhorn, their address is 4969 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672, and their phone number is 802-253-8198.

An anonymous comment: Nogawa Restaurant in Singapore has great sushi. Visit them at Ngee Ann City 4th Level and enjoy a great meal of sushi.

monica reviews:  Yoshida-ya Japanese Restaurant located at 2909 Webster Street, San Francisco, CA 94123. Tel: 415-346-3431. It offers many different dining experiences under the same roof to diners according to their preferences. Located on the ground floor, at the Northwest section of the Restaurant, is the Open Kitchen quarter where the Sushi Bar and Yakitori Bar is situated to provide the closest encounter between the well trained Yakitori and Sushi Chefs and the diners. The rest of the ground floor has regular seating of chairs or booths and a secluded cocktail lounge providing the perfect place for diners to unwind before dinner. On the second floor there is a Japanese Tatami animation quarter at the Southwest section which provides the traditional low tables and pillows and recessed well seating. This is the finest haven for those diners who prefer quiet enjoyment and traditional Japanese dining ambiance.

lucy comments:  The Dancing Fish Co., in Bethlehem, Pa. is the best sushi bar I have ever been to. (And I used to live in Japan). Not only is it absolutely beautiful inside but it also has terrific sushi. You have to try it!  It's at 24 east 3rd street in Bethlehem Pa,  (610)997-0360.

Cheryl sends a URL:  Howzit from Hawaii. Found your site with It is awesome. Do you have room for one more sushi candle site?   I am the inventor of the sushi candles, (I can prove it, I doubt if anyone else can) and have only recently put my creations on the internet. I have been wholesaling sushi candles to stores locally and on the mainland for years, and was freaked out when web surfing to find so many other people copying my designs and methods. I have more than just futomaki sushi type candles offered. See for yourself, please visit my site:  Aloha.

dave found a neat URL: "Found this web site about Hawaiian fish. It provides information on the various species marketed for sashimi and sushi. Hawaii Seafood Buyers Guide: Some good information and a recipe or two."

allie has a favorite sushi roll:  "I've lived in Hawaii my entire life, and second only to Japan, Hawaii has more sushi bars per capita than anywhere else in the world.  Although this isn't a proven fact, after traveling world wide & experimenting w/ sushi bars all over, this is my belief. I can name 10 sushi bars that I frequent regularly on Kauai that aren't on your list, along with several hotel sushi bars that I don't visit who charge astronomical prices. My absolute favorite sushi roll is called the Orchid Roll. It has ahi (masago), Hamachi, salmon, unagi, smelt eggs, sometimes mackerel, and it sometimes varies. It's pretty pricey, but they're shaped like flowers & taste delish!"

Carolina, a friend in Chile, sends us these sushibars in Chile:
Shoo-Gun. Location: Enrique Foster Norte 172/ Tel.: (56-2) 231-1604/ Open Monday to Saturday.
Matsuri. Location: Av. Kennedy 4601 - Hyatt Hotel/ Tel.: 363-3051.
Mikado. Location: Av. Francisco Bilbao 1933/ Tel. 225-2947.
Sakura. Location: Borde Rio. Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer 6400/ Tel: 218-0130/ Open Monday to Sunday.
Sushi Express. Location: Av. Andrés Bello 2913, Las Condes/ Tel.: (562) 232-8591/ Open: Monday to Sunday. They also have a web page:
Miyoshi. Location: Santa Magdalena 34-B Providencia/ Tel.: (562) 232-8315.

cokita comments: "great site for all of us sushi lovers...... I've been an addicted for years and it doesn't seem to get better. My favorite restaurant in Santiago (Chile) is the Miyoshi, located in Providencia."

A nice note from a Sushi Society in Florida: "I am the founder and President of the Tampa Bay Sushi Society located on the west coast of Florida. We currently have a mailing/ email list of over 600 people in our area that eat sushi on a regular basis. Here in Tampa Bay which includes Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater we are about to have our 51st and 52nd sushi bars open in December 2000. Five years ago when I founded our group we had a mere 15 sushi bars in the area. This is what I call progress." Tampa Bay Sushi Society.

our friend todd has a tip: "Just ate at Koyoto in Austin, Texas. Very nice. You might want to look into it.  Hope to see you on the road somewhere sometime.  Have Fun."

kenji sends us:  Le Champignon de Tokio in Philadelphia, PA. This french and japanese restaurant located near South Street is an excellent combination of both cuisine! They also have a web site:

ahain tells us:  The Tokyo restaurant in Skippack, Pennsylvania is a very good Japanese restaurant.  I LOVE going there because their food/sushi is great and I love Sushi.

rolf has a tip: Takah Sushi, 420 E Hyman, Aspen, CO 970-925-8588.  Greatest Sushi in the Valley.  Small quaint place where you can sit and chat with the Sushi Chefs or sit in the dining area.  I always leave stuffed but wanting more.

gfeeney comments: I travel on business quite a bit and have been to many Sushi Bars.  I will be in Anchorage, Alaska again next week and will visit Kaze which is across from The Captain Cook Hotel.  It is always really good and you can feel comfortable there.  I do plan on checking out Tempura Kitchen this time as I heard it is very good.  Had wonderful Sushi in Victoria, BC but didn't catch the name and actually had Sushi 2 weeks ago in Basel, Switzerland. It was only OK.

francis_n comments:  Please add this url to your listings.
The address is: Aoba Sushi, 14902 Preston Rd, #706, Dallas TX 75240, Tel: 972-503-6888.

ahirayama comments:  When in Coeur 'D Alene in North Idaho, visit Takara Restaurant for some great sushi!  Phone number 208-765-8014.

bbielen says:  In West Seattle there is a Japanese Restaurant that is excellent.  The name is Mashiko and it is on California St.

sdzejachok sends along a great tip: The Ginza Steak House in Cleveland, Ohio on Prospect Ave. next to Jacob's Field.  It is really great and the nice little old lady owner greets you at the door and remembers if you have eaten there before.

here's an interesting post, received on the message board: Since has readers from all over I thought I'd take advantage of that fact and ask a question that's been on my mind for quite a while: What does fugu taste like? Where can you find it in the US? How much does a serving cost there? And, do you consider yourself a 'thrill seeker' for eating fugu? (OK, OK, that was actually more than one question but i cheat at "20 Questions" too.) ****"Fugu" as a general term refers to the blowfish, puffer fish, globefish or swellfish. You remember? that's the fish that blows up like a balloon to intimidate predators. In Japan, that same fish is considered a gourmet's delicacy but can be poisonous and even fatal if improperly prepared. Portions of the fish contain tetrodotoxin and so chefs who prepare the fish in Japan must be specially licensed. I've read that a fugu meal in Japan can cost the diner up to the equivalent of $230. The US FDA allows fugu to be imported through JFK Airport but only fish "ready-to-eat" previously prepared by those same licensed chefs in Japan. I haven't yet come across fugu in my travels and even if I did I don't know if I'd have the intestinal fortitude to try fugu but that doesn't stop me from being "CURIOUS IN CALIFORNIA." 

bwyatt has a list of favorites:
Yoji -Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar 4592 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy., Kissimmee, FL 34744, 407-396-6858
Sushi Hatsu, 24 E. Washington, Orlando, FL, 407-422-1551 
Sushi House, 1311 Florida Mall Blvd., Orlando, FL 407-812-9767 
Wolfgang Pucks, Downtown Disney Westside, Lake Buena Vista, FL 407-938-9653

alcohen comments:  Kyoto Japanese Restaurant in the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. The sushi bar was great! The Nigiri Zushi was an unexplainable experience.  You've got to try it yourself. 

devonkop comments:  The best sushi I have ever eaten was served at Bond Street in NoHo in NYC.  They offered four distinctive varieties of yellowtail.  It was unbelievable.

theparsons comments:  Here's a great place that you don't have on your list:  Takamatsu (Korean BBQ & Japanese Sushi Bar) Locations:  4214 Dunlap Ave., Phoenix 623-842-0400  Ray Rd & Dobson, Chandler, AZ 480-963-0400  Speedway & Craycroft, Tucson, AZ 520-512-0800, Excellent!

monamie  comments:  My favorite sushi restaurant is: Kira Sushi in Armonk, NY.  They are absolutely the best I have ever eaten!

jhcase comments:  There's an awesome new sushi restaurant in Seattle, on 2nd Avenue, called Saito's. It's the best Seattle has to offer!

foszae comments:  My favorite sushi bar in Vancouver? Kishu, at the corner of main & broadway.

taoJ comments:  Your site is great you need a sake section!! My friends in LA served me sake in a spruce cup with salt on 1/2 the cup. The aroma of the wood and the salt in the corner was the greatest sake experience I have ever had 1/2 the cup salted gave you the choice of some salt (2 corners) all salt (1 corner) or no salt (1 corner) every sip was a revelation Kampai (hajjimamashita).

jim comments:  Being a 20 year fanatic for sushi and having eaten at sushi bars around the world somewhat qualifies me as a judge of good sushi. My favorite in the Washington DC metropolitan area is Momo Taro Sushi in Rockville, MD. They consistently provide fresh, expertly prepared sushi at very reasonable rates. Check out their web site and check out the link to the Washington Post review.  Momo Taro Sushi, Midway Shopping Center, 16051 Frederick Rd., Rockville MD 20855, 301-963-6868.

we were informed about a sushi bar in canada: Isakaya in Montreal, Quebec, 514-845-8226.

mr. hamachi and pb went to: Rock 'n Sake in New Orleans.. Fantastic. Great food and great atmosphere. 1 block away from the Convention Center.

davej was excited,  he says: Joe's Sushi in Buena Park, Ca.,  kicks ass!

email from  pb, he comments:  B. L. & I thoroughly enjoyed Sushi Fever in Las Vegas, about 10 minutes from the strip.  Prices are very reasonable...   I've been 4 times to date!

anonymous comments:  Fujiyama-ya in San Francisco on Noriega between 19th  and 20th Avenues is fabulous.  There usually isn't a wait for a  table, the food is wonderful, and the bill is always surprisingly affordable. 

carolyn and Steve say:  Samurai, located on Arapahoe Rd. just SE of Denver, Colorado has to be the coolest Sushi Bar.  Wonderful staff, excellent young man who waits on the sushi bar patrons (for sake, beers, appetizers, etc.)...intimate setting, and superb fresh seafood, with unique nightly specials!!  We go there as often as our wallets allow us. 

noizeguy comments:  Sushi On McKinney (in Dallas) is wonderful. Fair priced and good service. 

michele says: Please add Ace Wasabi and Marina Sushi to the San Francisco list.

briandtrish comments:  We have found a great Sushi Bar in Winter Park, Florida (near Orlando), it's name is "Saikyo Sushi Bar and Grill."  I think you should list it on your Sushi listing for Florida. 

from rdrum- he comments:  There is a great Sushi bar at the Sapporo Wind restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.  I have been to most every sushi place in town, and Sapporo Wind is by far the best of them all.

doug e comments: Waka Take Sushi 3525 Pacific Coast Hwy. Torrance, California 310-530-7667  Try the "Endo Maki".  It's snow crab with "kaiware" radish sprouts.

sbergle comments: Saji-Ya on 659 Grand Ave. St. Paul MN  651-292-0444
Very good sushi.  Nice service. Very accommodating.

pb comments: Kyoto, 2701 I-45 North, Woodlands, TX 77380.  281/363-9400   Just south on the service road from the Woodlands conference center/hotel.  Excellent place, we went 3 times in 1 week.  Once the chefs found out we were serious Sushi eaters they went out of their way to make everything as special as possible.  Awesome Clam Rolls! Definitely one for the list.

cheryl says that: Tokyo in Las Vegas is the place to go!

jenn says:  Here are my favorites- Palm Springs, CA -Kiyasaku on N. Palm Canyon  Ask for the grapefruit bowl, you will forever be changed, Glendale, CA -Sushi On Brand on Brand Ave. .. Try anything..its fantastic!!

bbeck writes: There is this place on Spring Valley (Richardson, TX ) called Jumbo Buffet.  It's a few blocks west of US 75 (Central Expwy.).  It's an all-you-can-eat lunch with huge Chinese and American buffet.  And they have sushi!  So it's all you can eat sushi for 6 bucks for lunch! 730 W. Spring Valley Road, Richardson.  (972) 231-5338.

chris g says:  Sumo - sushi seafood bistro,  7503 Carson Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90822 (562)-496-2256 Great food..A bit on the loud side.. Shares a space with 2 bars and can get a little loud.  The menu is huge and it's not very expensive.
Sumo is in a complex with many shops and a 26 screen theater.. Great place for movie and sushi.

paul at the ua says: Check out The Hump at the Santa Monica Airport

mr. b says: Hi guys!  2 more reviews for you from Orlando, FL:
1) RANGETSU, 8400 International Drive, 407/345-0044  Long wait for a table only to be told that Sushi would take another 45 minutes!  Pretty expensive especially as the menu prices are for single Nigri.  Food was average at best.  Surroundings were very noisy.
2) LITTLE THAI GARDEN & SUSHI BAR, 6040 s. Orange Blossom,   Small neighborhood place, chef's name is Mr. Kamui.  All you can eat Monday through Wednesday for $19.95.  Food was good, chef friendly, a definite recommendation for cheap fun.  I'd go back anytime.  maybe try the Thai food next. Bon apetit - Philip.

christina says: I love the sushi bar called "I Love Sushi" in Costa Mesa, CA it's good and cheap.

pb says: Had fun at this place -   Neighborhood restaurant in a strip mall, Tulsa, OK.

brad e. says:  Currently on a show with Philip B., confirms rumors regarding Hamada's at the Luxor, Las Vegas ... great bar!

pb review: We did Masamune last night (me, Todd H & Michael), excellent neighborhood place. Been open since October '99, very friendly with good product. Chef's special deals are cheap too. Rating - Food : 8 Service : 10 Atmosphere : 8 (MS says 7.5) would we go again? YES find it 1 block south of Hillsboro Blvd., 310S Federal Hwy south of Boca Raton

pat l says: I haven't noticed these in other parts of the country. But, here in Hawaii, there is an abundance of take out sushi shops. The quality ranges from very good to "you got to be kidding." They may not be real sushi bars, and I hope that this topic is not too far out of line, but they are great for getting your raw fish fix for lunch in the middle of the week.  Also: check out Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar 115 Bay Drive, Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii 96761.

mr. uni says: All I have to say is "WOW" Sakana Sushi & Grill in Phoenix, AZ. The crew from the Radio Shack Show at the Pointe Hilton needed to find some good sushi and we found some great sushi. These folk at Sakana know how to do right by you.  The portions were huge, not your average run of sushi. So large were the portions, we actually could not finish what was served.  A first for me! Everything they served us was of the highest quality and freshness.  Thank you Sakana, We will be Back! Sakana Sushi & Grill 5061 E. Elliott Road Phoenix, AZ 85044  ...480-598-0506.

christian vs. doesn't eat sushi, but says: My friends rave about Sushi Fever in Las Vegas, on Flamingo off of Sahara.

kirk r says: Genkai in Dana Point Ca. is thumbs way up.

harold knows of a great sushi bar: In Solano Beach Ca. on PCH, he says when in Southern California, check out Nobu.

bill says:  Hi, 'just wanted to add a couple of other favorite restaurants for those who  happen to be in the Northern California area.  Miyake in Palo Alto is nice if you like rock music with your unagi.  And in Santa Cruz, TAKARA Japanese Restaurant 1800 Soquel ave. Santa Cruz  831-457-8466, and PINK GODZILLA  830 41st AVE. Santa Cruz 831-464-2586. Pink Godzilla in Santa Cruz has good sushi and a great selection.

bill  also recommends: Sushi by Mia Detrick published by Chronicle Books- About 100 pages and $11.00 a handbook for Sushi Lovers has color pictures, Japanese glossary, and Sushi-A light and Right Diet by Asako Kishi published by Japan Publications About 130 pages and $13.00 Has an oriental food store directory in the back, dietary info on various sushi, color pictures, and recipes.

mr. hamachi was talking to jr, alan b, pt and ds: And it came up that the Ralph's Grocery Stores have good SUSHI TO GO.  Dave suggested the Ralph's in Marina Del Rey, and Alan says Gooding's in Orlando has good sushi-to-go.

pete suggested:  There are two Hamada's in Las Vegas, and says that the sushi bar in the LUXOR hotel is wonderful.

evan says: Check out Sushi Island in Costa Mesa, CA.  It is  great place and the owner/Sushi chef is a great person. " Misomi " or Sammy" Please pay him a visit you will not be disappointed.

julie says: When you are in Boston, check out the sushi bar in the Marriott at Copley Place.

denise says:  I was recently in Big Bear and after a long day of skiing my friend recommended this place called Sushi Ichiban, and the food was great, a little unassuming place that was packed by 7 pm! When in Big Bear try that place out. 

steve l. says:  Tommy Tsunami's in Denver is EXCELLENT!!  And the wasabi is freshly ground there... Amazing.

philip says:  The Resort at the Summerlin, Las Vegas.   The sushi bar is inside the Hotel. ...expensive but the best I've ever had!!

terry loves:  The sushi bar in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas is the Ultimate Sushi experience....  the Albacore sushi is amazing!!

michael says:  Kyoto's in Scottsdale, AZ. on Stetson is WILD!!!!!

mike from california says:  There's a pretty cool sushi place in Hermosa (i think, could be Manhattan Beach, CA) called Sushi Sei that I've been to a couple of times that has really good sushi.  Maybe this was because my friend knows the head chef.  The last time we went the chef asked me my name and in my finest broken japanese I said NAKAMURA.  Instantly, the chef looked around to his other chefs/helpers and said something.  Then they started to sing a song about "Nakamura" which either sounded like a kids song or a taunting song about "Nakamura".  We had a very good time that night and bought the chef many beers.

neal says:  The best is Ichibiri  in Laguna Niguel ( CA.  Pacific Coast Hwy. and Crown Valley Parkway)  The Hawaiian roll is unbelievable- the rest is also great. They also have a Benihana type of dining room where they cook right at the table.

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