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Here are a few great sushi sites that you can visit.  More appear on the Internet everyday
so if you find a great site, let us know and we will add it to our growing list.

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SushiLinks: is not affiliated with any of these webpages and online stores.. we cannot vouch for
the accuracy or integrity of any of these webpages. ... Please be careful whenever ordering any products online.

Submitted by gjwill: Food review site for sushi bars in Cape Town, South Africa

Submitted by ward: I have a suggestion for your links page, It's a Sushi-bar guide for Amsterdam and the rest of Holland / The Netherlands

Two links sent in from Georgia: Hello, I thought your readers would benefit from these links: and
Thank You, Happy Holidays!! Georgia :) -12/20/07

1. Sushi or Death Blog by Karianne:

2. Sushi webpage from Oso-wakki..

3. VideoJug video

4. Second Annual California Statewide Sushi Competition

5. An assortment of artificial sushi, sashimi and saki.

6. Sushi Sticks

7. Find lunch buddies at

7. North America Wasabi grower able to ship overnight to any point on the continent.

8. Containers for Sushi Packaging at Premier Container Mfg Sdn Bhd.

9. SushiChart: a listing of sushi rolls and ingredients.

10. The Cooks Palate cookbook software is for those interested in organizing their recipe collection and creating cookbooks for home, school, fundraising, professional promotions and much more.

11. SushiFaq: is devoted to answering all your questions about sushi (and sashimi),
it's history, and the related Japanese dining experience.

12. Sushibar in Maine. Origami Sushi Bar. 757 Post Road. Wells, Maine 04090.

13. Sushi in Orlando:

14.S tockholm Sushi catering at: :

15. Yaopack has containers:

16. doug at sends us a link.

17. mcThis..

18. Sushi display cases as well as many other products suitable for chefs and owners.

19. Sushi School Resource: : Get a culinary Education
Description: An independent resource for culinary school students to research and
compare the world of Culinary Institutes and Cooking Schools.

20. Some Sushi History here:

21. Good sushi info:

22. A great recipes webpage:

23. More recipes here:

24. Tybbuo Wasabi, high quality wasabi products.  : 

25. has heard that some sushibars are now serving fois gras.. here is an article

26. Sushi cases are sold here: is a place to find foodservice equipment & supplies.

27. Seafood overnight at

28. Illinois Sushibar.:

29. San Francisco Bay Area sushibar:

30. Hiro Food Packaging. Food containers
and packaging, wholesale.

31. Szechuan Tokyo's webpage is at

32. Has more to do with Asian and Japanese culture than sushi, but informative.

33. SushiZawa in Los Angeles has sent in a link. URL:

34. Online menus for some metro area restaurants at

35. All Culinary Schools ( A comprehensive database of
U.S. culinary schools where users can search for everything from culinary arts
to restaurant management by location, degree type or specialty. It is a free
resource for all students interested in culinary school. 

36. Sriracha Chili Sauce links:
Huy Fong Foods: Makes Sriracha Chili Sauce

37. and information about the company.

38. And a google search about Sriracha Chili Sauce

39. Kewpie mayo company, food, for ages 0-100

40. East By Southwest PanAsian Restaurant. Durango CO sushibar.

41. Restaurant guide for South Africa suggested by Ellen:

42. Hostess Twinkies Sushi!

43. Growabrain Sushi Links:

44. Growabrain Riverside:

45. Sushi for the cel phone I think:

46. A Japanese Tea webpage: an ecommerce site specializing in Japanese tea.

47. A small sushi quiz:

48. Sushi Candles.  Original candles, all designed and handmade on the beautiful island of Hawaii, the Big Island. 

Sushi Soaps too! Big Island Hawaii Gifts by Double Brush.

49. A St. Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay) sushi bar with two locations now.

50. Training for contemporary sushi: with website that is all about teaching the art

51. A recipes page

52. a Kani Recipe:

53. Another recipes page:

54. A good list of Asian Markets.

55. Merry's Kitchen.:

Some Abalone Info:

56. here are some abalone webpages that might help

. a scuba diver notes on abalone.

. abalone delivered to your home.

. a big list of abalone recipe

. more info from an abalone farm.

. one more

Some Sea Urchin webpages..

. A big picture of an urchin.

. an interesting article from the BBC

. an overview

. A tool to get the Sea Urchin Roe out

. another picture showing sea urchin roe.

. sea urchin has some venom

. Some Sea Urchin Statistics.

. Catalina Offshore might have some information for you;..

. This school raised some urchin

. a student project on raising sea urchin

. Hawaii urchin

. California Red Urchin

. Urchins are useful in the laboratory


. an online class has some pictures

. A good website from a California Sea Urchin Commission..
has current Tsujiki Market Price..

. More Urchin info..

. California stats.

. This company might have some urchin information.. you might contact them.

Some Tako Info:

. this page says that you should tenderize the octopus

. check this one.. it looks like they cook it quickly

. This one suggests precooking.. and tenderizing.,1523,213,00.html

. this recipe says to freeze the fresh octopus for a week.. then slowly thaw..

. These guys barbecued/smoked some octopus.. hmmm...

88. Another wasabi webpage:

89. Sushi Guide and products. Learn to roll sushi, restaurant quality
from home. You will find everything there from a sushi recipe to sushi etiquette.
Learn to make all the popular sushi rolls; California Roll, Hawaiian Roll, and all
kinds of vegetarian sushi rolls.

90. UK sushi competition for creative sushi.

93. ankimo - monkfish liver information

. Some neat information about geoduck here:

96. Interesting sushi information

. Fish Supplier

. Orange County Buddhist Church Cookbook

Some Sushi Training and Schools.




These webpages below they might have some contacts or information that you might be able to use for sushi training




Hachimaki Links

 Hachimaki.. A piece of cloth wrapped around the head, often adorned with a
colourful mon or word. Used either symbolically to show resolve, or also to
keep hair and sweat out of your eyes (as is needed when wearing kendo-gi).

Sushi Health and Safety

Here are some links to pages on sushi safety.

116. nutrition..
there is a little discussion about sushi calories at sushilinks webpage

117. also.. here is a webpage with a nice chart of sushi nutrition information..
Wegmans sushi Nutrition information.

119. This is a good article about homemade sushi.. versus professionally prepared

a few safety tips..

Sushi health dicussion:

From PalateWorks.. Number 50 on the blooper list tells about a sushi misconception

124. Chefknivestogo. We sell sushi knives (left handed also).

125. Strange Foods: Lots of sushi on this list for some reason.

Edamame pages..



Sake Etiquette and information


Sushi Knives links:







Left handed sushi knife here:

142. Asian Grocery . Washington State.

146. SushiCases

Gari Recipe Links:

151. this is interesting

152. Fugu information in Japan

153. fugu list from NPR's Ketzel Levine

Taste Your Fate
Restaurants That Serve Fugu
Nippon -- 155 East 52nd Street, New York, N.Y.
Soba Nippon -- 19 West 52nd Street, New York, N.Y.
Yodo -- 13 East 47th Street, New York, N.Y.
Chikabu -- 12 East 44th Street, New York, N.Y.
Naniwa -- 4 East 46th Street, New York, N.Y.
Azusa -- 3 East 44th Street, New York, N.Y.
Nadaman Hakubai -- 66 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.
Inagiku -- 111 East 49th Street, New York, N.Y.
Sugiyama Restaurant -- 251 West 55th Street, New York, N.Y.
Taiko -- 15 South Village Avenue, Rockville Ctr., N.Y.
Bond Street -- 6 Bond Street, New York, N.Y.
Hatsuhana Restaurant -- 17 East 49th Street, New York, N.Y.
Kaz Sushi Bistro -- 1915 I Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.
New Otani LA -- 120 S. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, Calif.
Morimoto Restaurant -- 723 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tako Grill -- 7756 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Md.
Shiki Restaurant -- 4 Westroy Street, Seattle, Wash.

Natto Links:



160. Sushi in New York

161. A nice sushiwebpage.

162. Sushi Links and Miyamoto Foods, is a collection of links to the best sushi resources on the web.

163. SushiBars in Reno Directory.

164. Recipezaar; A big list of Japanese Recipes.. many with nutritional information.

165. Farmed Salmon information:

167. Sushi Secrets.. also at

168. A little discussion about the health effects of sushi

170. Ace Sushi Menu... items have a calorie count.

172. Quebec sushi

174. Pacific Farms. All about Wasabi.

175. A link to a place full of links.

Pictures and Facts about Tuna!
. Dept. of Fish and Game. Ooooooh.

178. Japanese Gifts:.

179. more Japanese Gifts... I think these two are the same company.

180. The Sushi World Guide


The most popular Sushi and Sushibars links on the Major Search Engines:


187. The 411 Dining Directory
Arranged by city. Major metropolitan areas, only.
Over 400,000 restaurant listings and offers reviews, menus, food glossary, prices, locations and maps, and recipes.
189. Diner City
Online guide to classic diners of the 40s and 50s and the American roadside.
The site to show you the best restaurants in many cities. FREE registration for restaurants.
192. Menucity
Search for restaurant and food related web sites by state, city and category. Currently limited to Massachusetts and New Jersey. Offers free web site listings to restaurants and food stores. Reader reviews of restaurants throughout the US. Contribute your own review.

Sushi Links:

193. Sushi Soaps too! Big Island Hawaii Gifts by Double Brush. .

194. A St. Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay) sushi bar with two locations now.

195. Training for contemporary sushi: with website that is all about teaching the art

196. Another recipes page:

A good list of Asian Markets.

197. Merry's Kitchen.:

Some Abalone Info:

. a scuba diver notes on abalone.

201. a big list of abalone recipe

202. more info from an abalone farm.

Some Sea Urchin webpages..

203. A big picture of sea urchin.

. an interesting article from the BBC

205. an overview

208. sea urchin has some venom

209. Some Sea Urchin Statistics.

210. Catalina Offshore might have some information for you;..

211. This school raised some urchin

213. Hawaii urchin

214. California Red Urchin

215. Urchins are useful in the laboratory


217. an online class has some pictures

227. Another wasabi webpage:

228. UK sushi competition for creative sushi.

229. ankimo - monkfish liver information

230. Some neat information about geoduck here:


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